⋅Why Going DIY With a Bucket of Bleach Won’t Cut It⋅

A lot of folks don’t know how what we do is any different from what they themselves can do. They believe that the do-it-yourself approach to cleaning up an environment full of bio-hazards, such as a crime scene, death scene, or hoarding scene, can save them a boat load of money.

A common question we get is, “Why can’t I just put on a pair of yellow gloves and go to work with a bucket of bleach and a scrub brush?”

You can, and it might turn out okay, depending on how lucky you get.

And then, it might not turn out okay, and you might not even realize it until it’s too late.

Do You Pass The Scene Decontamination Test?

If you are dealing with ANY bodily fluids, especially blood, you face the very real risks of

  • Contracting an illness such as HIV, Hepatitis, or Tuberculosis from blood-borne pathogens.
  • Incompletely or inadequately cleaning up the affected environment, making it a continued bio-hazard for yourself and others.
  • Overlooking hidden contamination, making it a continued bio-hazard and also causing structural damage to the environment.

Here are a few of the things that we at Advanced Bio Treatment do to completely eliminate these risks:

  • Contact Time

The longer you are in contact with contaminated objects, the greater the probability those contaminants will permeate personal protective clothing. We can work faster than you can because we are experienced, and we have the right chemicals and machines to get the job done quickly.

  • PPE

To make sure we thoroughly decontaminate your environment, we wear professional-grade PPE (personal protective equipment) clothes, like head-to-toe Tyvek suits, layers of sealed rubber gloves, and ventilated respirators, which meet or exceed all OSHA guidelines, to minimize our exposure to blood-borne pathogens and the chemicals we use to clean them up.

  • Decontamination Training

Our technicians are thoroughly trained in state and federal guidelines for handling bio-hazard waste. They are also trained in cleaning methods, chemical applications, hidden bio-hazards, and containment of the affected area to eliminate the possibility of spreading contamination to other parts of the environment.

  • Decontamination Cleaning Materials

Advanced Bio Treatment professionals use hospital-grade chemicals to clean and decontaminate the environment. We know which chemicals work on which surfaces. We know how long a particular disinfectant must stay on a surface to decontaminate it. We know what diseases are killed by which disinfectants. We are trained to avoid cross-contamination and re-contamination as we work.

  • Removal

Not everything that is contaminated with blood can be cleaned. We are trained to recognize what cannot be salvaged. In states that require licenses, we are licensed to safely remove and transport bio-hazard waste. In states that don’t require a license, we follow all EPA, OSHA, and state guidelines for handling, packaging, and removing bio-hazard waste.

  • Deodorizing and Disinfecting

We use state-of-the-art ozone machines and foggers to deodorize and disinfect contaminated environments once they are cleaned.

  • Decontamination Cost

When you add up what it would cost you to purchase the equipment, supplies, and clothing to do the job right, you’ll find the do-it-yourself approach to scene decontamination doesn’t save you as much money as you thought, and cutting corners with something as serious as a bio-hazard waste can cost you more in money, time, and health in the long run.

Our prices are reasonable, and most times, your homeowner insurance will cover most or all of the cost of the cleanup. We can also assist you in finding and contacting community outreach groups that offer assistance to families of crime victims.


Why Go With Advanced Bio Treatment?

Crime-scene cleaning is an unregulated industry for the most part. That means a company can make its own safety rules. Here at Advanced Bio Treatment, however, we take no chances with your safety or with our own. We thoroughly train our technicians in strict adherence to all OSHA and state guidelines for the safe cleaning, removal, and transportation of bio-hazard waste.

If you find yourself facing the cleanup of an environment that contains blood or other bodily fluids, you should not attempt the cleanup yourself. Call Advanced Bio Treatment. We give free quotes, provide emergency services, and respond 24/7/365.

Ted Pelot Owner & President of Crime Scene Cleanup Company - Advanced Bio-Treatment