Domestic Violence Is No Laughing Matter

The 38 year old Raleigh, NC woman, Jane D, had suffered many years of domestic abuse from her husband. He had been in and out of jail several times for DUI’s, dealing drugs, etc. Why she stayed with him as long as she did is something her family and friends don’t understand.

Her suffering is over but her death was brutal. After a drinking rampage that lasted several days Jane D was brutally stabbed to death by her husband in her own kitchen while she was cleaning.

The youngest daughter called 911 but it was too late. Although her husband has been arrested it is too late for Jane D. Many of the cases are as a result of couples who are going through marital problems, breakups and divorce.

No matter how horrible the relationships are or how many times they suffer beatings and abuse the women in these situations have a very hard time getting away. Whether they are more afraid to leave than they are to stay or whether they stay for the sake of their children or both the risks to their lives is high.

According to National statistics on Domestic violence, 81% of men who batter their wives had fathers who abused their mothers.

Another alarming fact, nearly ⅓ of the men who are counseled for domestic abuse are “professional” men who are are respected in their profession and the community, Doctors, Lawyers, Business Executives.

Women are 7 to 10 times more likely to be hurt due to domestic violence than men.

About ⅓ of all female murders are by an intimate partner. Women who attempt to leave an abusive partner are at a very high risk for murder.

Drug and Alcohol Are Key Factors In The Rise In Domestic Violence

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