It was a cold and gloomy night when we received the call to our Fayetteville office.

It was a lonely and not so busy Sunday evening. The caller was explaining that her mother’s home was broken into and the suspect had killed her mother and father in cold blood over a few hundred dollars.

She mentioned that her parents lived in the part of the city that was known for crime and murder. She expressed to us that she was constantly begging them to move, but her parents were persistent in staying in their longtime home.

The daughter sounded extremely upset with the fact she had just lost both her parents at the hands of a criminal who hasn’t even been captured yet. It’s already bad enough she lost her parents, but now she has to deal with the fact the criminal is on the loose.

Apparently the police said there wasn’t enough evidence to arrest anyone for this horrific homicide.

There was no forced entry; there were no fingerprints left behind, and no weapon. All they had to go on was the shell casings from the weapon. It’s unfortunate when such cold hearted crimes occur, but the professionals at Advanced Bio Treatment dedicate themselves to clean up the scenes effectively and immediately.

We understand the frustration and stress that is placed on the family members and we want to bring peace to a tragic circumstance.

When we arrived on the scene we met with the daughter of the victims. She was crying and very upset about everything that had happened to her family. She told us that she felt a sense of responsibility for not being persistent in her family’s living arrangements. She wanted them to move for years in fear something like this happening. We understand that crimes like this place an uncertain feeling to the families, but if we can take some of that feeling away from such a disaster then we have done our job.

They were found both dead in the same bed in the back room, gunshot wounds to the head. They had no chance or way of defending themselves. The bed was covered in blood and the smell was overwhelmingly disgusting. We had to completely dispose of the mattress because it dripped all the way down to the baseboards to the carpet.

We disinfected the carpets and the walls and removed all traces of the blood. The daughter was relieved knowing her nightmare was starting to be over.

If you need a crime scene cleanup service or know someone that does please call us. We are here to answer all your questions. We will even help work with your insurance company to take the stress away of worrying about the financial aspect.

We operate 24/7 for your convenience.

Ted Pelot Owner & President of Crime Scene Cleanup Company - Advanced Bio-Treatment