The Party Didn’t End Well

Maybe it wasn’t the best idea to have a houseful of people over dude, or let them go wild on crack in your living room. We can’t say it because its too late and they wouldn’t have listened anyway.

Obviously it wasn’t an elegant get together. A bunch of friends hanging out drinking, smoking, doing crack. Someone must have said something wrong and someone got shot. (yes, really)

According to speculators, boredom is a reason behind a lot of crimes. Think about it. Maybe a better use of your time would have been to read a book, dude.

Check it out, Wikipedia says “Although boredom is often viewed as a trivial and mild irritant, proneness to boredom has been linked to a very diverse range of possible psychological, physical, educational, and social problems.” Ya think?

Headline: “Teen charged with Christopher Lane’s Murder admits “We were bored

Herald Sun. August 21, 2013,  Jones was the first to admit to police, “We were bored and didn’t have anything to do, so we decided to kill somebody.”

And this “Are Bored Teens Leading to More Crime?” Crime Feed, August 29, 2013 (what was it about August, must have been boring) Two 17 year old boys admitted to burglarizing a nearby house while they were hanging out…bored. Really?

PUNKS. Get a job. Take a karate class. Do something with your “bored” self besides kill because your bored. Gimme a break. And while we’re at it doing a bunch of drugs and drinking cause your bored isn’t the best use of your time either.

Let’s stop making excuses for our stupidity. If boredom is at the root of crime in many cases as the “experts” indicate, or the root cause of infidelity in marriage. We are in trouble folks seriously. We’re boring ourselves to death?? Literally.

I think ABT should grab a couple of these bored idiots and let them clean up some really gross job. That might cure it. Put a mask on them and some protective clothing and hand them the tools to scrub some blood and guts. No joke. Get over it already. WTF!

In case you are wondering we don’t write these blogs because we are bored.

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