Alone in Death

Have you ever wondered how you would meet the end of your life? I’ve thought about it at times especially when doing the cleanup jobs. Would it be an accidental death, or pass in my sleep? Most of us don’t know and won’t ever know. Sadly, many are alone in their death and die unexpectedly. As in this cleanup from Charleston, WV, the poor woman was not found for nearly two weeks!

As is the case with many of the unattended death scenes we come across, the person is often isolated and has lost contact with family and friends. I can only imagine how hard this is on everyone. Unfortunately most of us can’t escape life so easily as this woman did. Problems follow us wherever we go and it’s better to face the problems head on and deal with them responsibly than to isolate ourselves, in a strange place, where no one knows us.

Broken hearts, broken families, shattered dreams; lives that become filled with sorrow and pain are all too common. When we see people who have died alone and realize no one knew or looked for them its quite a wake up call. Sadly, family members are notified and deal with their guilt asking how could they let this happen or what could they have done. The truth can’t change the past either. There is a mess of body fluid and blood seepage as well as the horrid smell of death and decomposition right in front of us.

Decomposition Is Not A Pretty Sight

If you ever have any doubts what humans are, we are for sure flesh and blood and other parts not so pretty. To remove the smell alone requires intensive cleanup. Sometimes rotting flesh will stick to the floor or whatever the body has died on. You’re getting the picture now pretty clear? Not a job for the weak stomach.

It is important that no one attempt to clean up a crime scene that has not been professionally trained. Not only can the event be traumatic for friends and family but it can also be dangerous as well. Crime Scenes can be littered with biohazards such as HIV/AIDS, MRSA, dangerous chemicals, or other hidden bio hazards.

Advanced Bio Treatment has unique chemicals and equipment that can deal with any crime scene or biohazard a situation might present. Our crime scene cleanup technicians are trained to handle all blood, body tissues, and bodily fluids and we can also deodorize any area if necessary. We are also licensed and experienced in all state and federal guidelines including OSHA regulations and API work safe guidelines. Call us today: 800-295-1684.

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Ted Pelot Owner & President of Crime Scene Cleanup Company - Advanced Bio-Treatment