Elevated Trauma Cleanup

Derrek was terribly shaken when he made the call to Advanced Bio Treatment for emergency trauma cleanup services.  Managing a mid-sized hotel in Biloxi, Mississippi had its ups and downs, but this was his first encounter with an accident of this magnitude.

It was such a relief to talk to someone who just took over and asked all the questions.  When I called Advanced Bio Treatment, the operator helped to diffuse the chaos in my mind and assured me that their team of technicians were prepared to clean the entire elevator shaft and the gruesome mess left on the lobby floor.

This wasn’t Advanced Bio Treatment’s first experience with an elevator accident, but it is rare to encounter these types of malfunctions.  Usually, elevator accidents involve some component of user error or horseplay. This time was different, however, because the trauma was caused by a technician bypassing a safety measure to call an elevator to the lobby without first ensuring that the elevator car was vacant.  It wasn’t vacant, and this egregious error is what lead to the massive trauma cleaning that Advanced Bio Treatment conducted.

Two of our guests entered the elevator on the 5th floor and the elevator car began moving as they stepped on and the doors remained open.  As the elderly woman lost her balance, her right arm became trapped and was drug along the elevator shaft wall the entire five floors down.  The gentleman with her fell and suffered a deep cut to his forehead.  It was really a grisly site when the elevator landed in the lobby.

Our technicians at Advanced Bio Treatment arrived promptly and immediately roped off the affected area.  The majority of the visible blood cleanup was completed almost immediately, but the elevator shaft cleaning was more intensive and required a great deal of safety measures and care in order to prevent another terrible accident.  Since there was still question regarding how the accident occurred, the elevator had to be secured above the workers not only using the safety switches but also with physical measures similar to scaffolding used in construction.  The walls of the elevator shaft required scrubbing and an application of disinfectant to eliminate the possibility of the spread of infectious disease from bloodborne pathogens.  A Halo Fogger, which emits a hydrogen peroxide fog to disinfect all surfaces including hidden crevices, was used in the elevator shaft, elevator car, and hotel lobby.

A Sigh of Relief

You never think you’ll need to call for trauma cleaning assistance; it’s just not something that crosses your mind until you’re standing there surrounded by chaos and a bloody mess.  Advanced Bio Treatment was not only amazingly reliable in their quick response, but they were incredibly discrete and professional.  They were able to conduct the entire cleanup with minimal distraction to the hotel guests.  In a nightmare situation, Advanced Bio Treatment really came through and saved us.

Advanced Bio Treatment is honored to serve the communities of Mississippi and around the U.S.  Our operators are standing by 24-hours a day, 365 days a year to assist you when tragedy strikes.  Simply call 1-800-295-1684.


Ted Pelot Owner & President of Crime Scene Cleanup Company - Advanced Bio-Treatment