ABC News states 15-20 inches of rain has fallen in the Pensacola area and a major cleanup is expected.

Flood warnings mean floods are coming if not already. Floods warnings have been issued in Pensacola, Fort Walton Beach, Destin, and Panama City, Florida one of the beautiful beach coasts in the US.

Flooding usually happens quickly and suddenly but leaves behind a mess of mud, sewage and debris. The damage may be severe and life threatening.

If you know a flood is coming your way you should try to build a barrier outside your home entrance to try to keep floodwaters out of your home. Listen to the radio and t.v. to keep informed as much as possible.

Flash floods come quickly move to higher ground if at all possible.

Be prepared as much as you can, pack an emergency bag with your medical and clothing needs, snacks, etc.., in the event you have to evacuate.

Here are a few tips to stay safe during and after a flood. Unplug electrical appliances. If you hear instructions to turn off your power at the main switches do this as well as the valves.

There may be downed power lines which should be avoided at all costs. Live wires can kill. Do not touch anything electrical, especially if you are wet.  Flood damage

If you can, report downed power lines to the power company.

Damage to schools, stores, homes, vehicles happen during flooding. Schools may be closed. Kids need to be cautioned and watched closely as they may think it is fun to play in flooded waters. Flooded waters are not safe for swimming and playing in.

If you need to get around walk but avoid walking in moving water. It is advised to use a stick to check the ground for firmness for walking. A street can become a river very quickly!

Driving through flooded waters is very dangerous no matter the depth of the water it can rise quickly and destroy your vehicle and possibly you.

Floods can lead to damaged sewage systems which can lead to seepage and leaching. This can pose serious damage and health hazards.

If you are ordered to evacuate do not return home until you have been advised to do so.

If your home is flooded everything that got wet will need to be cleaned and disinfected.

pensacola-flood-roadwashoutEven after floodwaters recede there is potential danger as the grounds may be weakened and possibly fall through under the weight of a car or truck.

Threats of contamination, damage and danger are not over immediately. Use caution and common sense, try to keep emotional control and don’t put yourself in danger.

Help is on its way. Advanced Bio Treatment is aware and prepared to assist.

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