It’s always important to hire experts like those at Advanced Bio Treatment when dealing with the cleanup and remediation of any scene involving bodily fluids, insects, filth, pet damage, contagious diseases, or even drug paraphernalia and medical waste.

We are bio cleaning specialists who will work with your insurance company to rehabilitate your property. We clean not only your home or office but also help assure your peace of mind.

You would think that after working in this career for a number of years, and seeing the most grisly, disturbing images on a daily basis, that a certain amount of desensitization would occur. To a certain point, that is true, although there are those cases that still affect me and my crew of professional field technicians profoundly. Being a proud parent, for me, those particular calls nearly always involve children.

One of the most difficult calls I’ve dealt with ever, came into our San Francisco office earlier this year. I could tell by the sound of the voice on the other end of the line, that this case would be taxing on everyone involved. I hate being right sometimes.

The older man explained that he was reaching out to the experts at ABT on behalf of his daughter and her husband in the wake of a terrible accident that had taken place at their Fremont, California residence. Gently, I pressed for more information so that I could properly prepare for the job ahead, and the man sighed heavily, trying to get control of the raw emotion that I had picked up on earlier.

Then, with a cough, he went on further. His son in law had recently taken a hunting trip with some of his buddies from work, and after a successful day, he had returned to the small home he shared with his wife and two small children: a young boy, aged 6 and little girl, aged 4.

The father had apparently unloaded the deer he had bagged in front of their garage, where he prepared to clean the animal. Unbeknownst to him, however, trouble was brewing. As he worked on skinning the carcass, his young son had taken an interest in the hunting rifle that his father had carelessly left propped up against the tailbud of his truck.

Law enforcement would later determine that the boy had taken the gun from the back of his father’s truck and had then walked towards the garage, according to the small boy later on, ‘to show his father that he could help him clean it” like he had done on a few occasions before, but halfway up the unpaved driveway, the boy tripped over an exposed root, and he fell to the ground, dropping the rifle as he did so.

One shot.  One shot was all it took.

When the weapon clattered to the ground, the hairpin trigger went off and the bullet flew true, striking the young father in the back of the head as he was hanging the buck from a hook on the wrap around porch attached to the garage and home. He never knew what hit him and his little boy, his little boy had to watch as his lifeless body slumped forward, into the dusty floor of their garage.

The tragic tale left me reeling, and determined to help this family, so we headed out to the home as quickly as we could.

Once we arrived, we were met at the bottom of the steps to the porch where the accident had taken place by the victim’s grandfather who had contacted us initially. Understandably, the rest of the family would not be there.

After a brief introduction, we got started right away. The pool of blood was large and deep, typical for a head wound, but because of its location, it was fairly easy to cleanup. We removed any large pieces of skull or flesh, shaking my head while I did it as I thought of the young life that had been changed forever in that brief moment, and then using a special absorbent material, we sucked up and then properly disposed of the vast majority of biological material.

Finally, we deeply cleaned the concrete and wood trim of the patio, using only the finest, hospital grade cleaners to ensure not only the safety of everyone involved, as blood can contain many dangerous pathogens that can pose a risk to human health, but also guaranteeing that no reminder remains behind to torture the grieving children upon their return to the family home. My goal was to give them the best possible start to move forward from their loss, if that was even possible.

Cases like these really illustrate why it is so vital to procure highly trained bio-hazard professionals like ABT. Scenes like this are hard to stomach for everyone, and no family member or regular person should feel like there is no option but to clean it themselves. The pathogens contained in bodily fluids combined with the health risk associated with chemical cleaners or drug paraphernalia make for a very serious situation suitable only for those with the knowledge, and equipment to properly handle them. ABT is OSHA and EPA certified and we will work with your insurance to make the process as uncomplicated as possible.

We will restore your home and your sanity.

It was a difficult case to work due to the circumstances surrounding the father’s death, but I took comfort knowing that we were helping erase the signs of that dreadful day. In the end, the grandfather was very pleased with our work and we always aim to please. Like I’ve said, sometimes that has to be enough, otherwise these cases would drive anyone crazy.

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Ted Pelot Owner & President of Crime Scene Cleanup Company - Advanced Bio-Treatment