Commonly a “gang” is thought of as at least three or more individuals who commit crime and identify themselves with a name or a sign.  The crime rate, particularly murder, is on the increase in Baltimore, largely due to gang related crimes.

More than 60% of fatal shootings resulted from execution style shootings in the head.

Authorities in Baltimore determined this was the result of gang wars and gang assassinations using a shot in the head. Needless to say there is a huge amount of crime scene cleanup needed in the city of Baltimore.

There are several types of gangs.

  • Street gangs -form on the streets of cities and and operate throughout the US.
  • Prison gangs – these criminal organizations form within the penal system and operate both inside and outside of prison (Incarceration apparently isn’t a deterrent to gang activity, in fact prison gangs are some of the most dangerous of all.)
  • Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs (OMG) – use motorcycle clubs as a means to commit crime.
  • Neighborhood/Local – limited to specific neighborhoods or jurisdictions, these gangs often primarily form for the distribution and sales of illegal drugs.

According to FBI statistics from a 2011 report there are over 14 million active street, prison, OMG and neighborhood gangs which amounts to over 33,000 active gangs in the US.

Gang members are utilizing the Internet and social media to recruit new members and communicate with other members. Other ways gang members are operating is counterfeiting and pirating video games, movies, and other forms of media.

Gangs are responsible for about 48% of all criminal activity in some area jurisdictions and up to 90% in others! The statistics are alarmingly high.

Gangs are involved in a myriad of criminal activity including drug trafficking, human trafficking, murders, rapes, robberies and of late becoming more sophisticated in cyber crime.

Gang members are acquiring military style, high powered weapons, semi automatic weapons. AK47’s, making encounters with law enforcement deadlier and more dangerous than ever. High incidences of theft of guns, protective gear, grenades, and other controlled firearms were reported in 2009 in some Florida counties.

Imagine the devastation and crime scene cleanup from the heinous criminal activity of these gangs.

Advanced Bio-Treatment is trained and specializes in crime scene cleanup. Large cities often have a high incidence of gang related crime. Our service areas include Baltimore, MD., Florida, Georgia, Washington DC, New York , Kentucky and most states.

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, while we hope you never need our assistance or ever deal with gang related crime, we are here to help if you need us.

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