Last Spring, Advanced Bio Treatment was called out to a residence in Alpharetta, Georgia for a bloody trauma scene cleanup involving home glass installation.  A glazier, who is a skilled tradesman who specialized in the cutting, removal, and replacement of residential and commercial windows and other glass fixtures such as sliding glass doors, auto glass, and mirrors, was seriously injured in a private residence while assisting in the removal and installation of second story cathedral windows.  Catherine and her elderly father were home during the installation, and Catherine witnessed the gruesome event unfold.

One gentleman was on our back patio at the top of a ladder reaching through a second story cathedral-ceiling-level window while the other installer was inside our home also on a ladder assisting.  The window cracked as they were removing it, which they assured me wasn’t unusual.  But I thought it was odd that as they were removing the old fogged up window, small shards of glass were detaching and falling onto the patio almost 20 feet below.  The window was handed to the glazier on the inside, but he apparently didn’t have a good grip.  That’s when I saw the gentleman inside on the ladder struggle to re-grip the cumbersome glass.  It seemed like it happened in slow-motion.  He lost his balance and began to fall with the glass he was attempting to carry down.

Both glaziers were injured, one of them very seriously, resulting in emergency services and extensive trauma scene cleanup.  The man on the inside ladder fell almost twelve feet and suffered deep cuts along his forearms as he attempted to grip the falling glass.  But it was the young man on the exterior of the home that suffered the more extensive injuries.  He had apparently attempted to get through the window that was still surrounded with lodged several large shards of glass when he saw his partner struggling to maintain balance.  He suffered severe lacerations to his abdomen and arms as he pulled his was through the upper second-story window.

Both men were conscious, but there was so much blood that everything got fuzzy and I almost passed out.  I called for an ambulance and my father came in to help stop the bleeding on the gentleman who had climbed through the window from the outside.  He had apparently cut through an artery and was losing a tremendous amount of blood.

Catherine called the glass company phone number to alert them of the accident, and it was only about an hour before their regional manager came out to assess the home and ensure that Catherine and her family weren’t left with a hazardous situation.  The manager then called us at 1-800-295-1684 and spoke with one of our highly trained operators to expedite the trauma scene cleanup in Catherine’s home.  When our team arrived, they were able to quickly clean up the puddled blood and the blood that was smeared throughout a portion of the home when the paramedics arrived.  They then got to work at disinfecting the home using a Halo fogger which uses a very fine hydrogen peroxide mist to disinfect all surfaces, even the tiny crevices that are difficult to get to with other equipment.  At Advanced Bio Treatment, we use the latest techniques and technology to ensure that all hazardous material is removed and all exposed surfaces are completely decontaminated.  Peace of mind is very important, but professional, skilled technicians are essential.  And with Advanced Bio Treatment, our customers always get both.

In the event that you are in need of emergency biohazard cleanup, trauma scene cleanup, or accident cleanup, call us any time at 1-800-295-1684.  We have operators standing by now to assist you.


Ted Pelot Owner & President of Crime Scene Cleanup Company - Advanced Bio-Treatment