As a crime scene cleanup technician this was a first for me.

I’ve seen and worked on plenty of blood. Never pleasant but has to be done. However, this is actually the first time I’ve seen a chunk of flesh from a murder scene.

The victim was in his late 40’s and was found by his business partner. Apparently, the victim’s ex wife had been trying to reach him by phone several times and had become concerned when he didn’t return her calls.


It was his weekend for visitation with the couple’s children, there were no signs of forced entry to the home.


I’m no detective but it looks like whoever did this knew the victim.  Doesn’t appear to be any signs of robbery either.

A lot of information can be gathered from the crime scene that is crucial to determining what happened.

Wounds from gunshot can be either penetrating or perforating. In a penetrating wound, the bullet enters an object and remains inside, while in a perforating wound, the bullet passes completely through the object. In some cases, the wound can be both penetrating and perforating, in that it penetrates some part of the body, such as the head, but perforates certain parts, such as the skull or brain.

Forensic detectives can determine how close the shooter was from the victim, the position the victim was in when they were shot, etc.  The presence of gunpowder, residue, etc., is also important in this process.

All of these clues help recreate the crime scene.  The type of gun used can also be determined from examination of these clues.

ABT crime scene technicians have been trained in the cleanup of a crime scene and the preservation of evidence.

It is essential that these scenes only be attempted to clean by a trained professional.  ABT technicians are part of the team of first responders, coroners, detectives, etc.  We all know our job and each of us have a vital part to play.

We work quickly and will do a thorough cleanup to return the home back to its original state.  No matter how many times we do these cleanup jobs it is still incomprehensible how many murders happen every day.

There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to make it all make sense.  We just know we have an important job do and we do it well.

Should you or your family ever face such a horrible experience know that we are here to help 24/7.

Ted Pelot Owner & President of Crime Scene Cleanup Company - Advanced Bio-Treatment