A woman in New York was attempting to take the perfect photo of her fiancé and herself when she plunged to her death.

Obviously her death was unintentional and accidental, but this happens more than you would think. Accidental deaths occur on a daily basis and it’s usually the cause of something so random and unpreventable. This woman and her fiancé were on vacation sightseeing and snapping photos when she slipped and fell to her death. This isn’t our usual crime scene clean up but we do also handle accidental and unattended death scenes.


The couple was walking on a pier which overlooked a small amusement park underneath them. The fall from the bridge to the ground was pretty far. It had to have been at least 400 feet. There was no way she was surviving that fall. Witnesses had stated that they saw the couple carelessly walking and snapping photos of each other and laughing when the woman slipped on a spill and fell directly off the pier. Her husband attempted to catch her but wasn’t able to.

She had fallen and died directly on impact. Since the fall was extremely high when she hit the ground her body had let out a huge splatter of blood. Her head hit the concrete first as witnesses had stated and it cracked her skull open and brain matter on top of blood were covered on the pavement. It was pretty disturbing and graphic and just shows how simply paying attention could have kept her alive.

Her husband was distraught and completely shocked at the situation. We received the call about this scene very shortly after it occurred since it was in a public place it needed to be cleaned up immediately. The police took all the reports they needed to and the body was removed. We arrived and were prepared to clean up the mess.


Advanced Bio Treatment specializes in all crime, suicide and hoarding scenes. We have the knowledge and equipment prepared for all situations. When we arrived to clean up this accidental death we brought with us special disinfecting cleaners and biohazard waste bins for any leftover brain matter and blood splatter. We dispose of all biohazard materials following the federal guidelines. We take our job serious and understand all the stress that can be related to such horrific accidents.


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Ted Pelot Owner & President of Crime Scene Cleanup Company - Advanced Bio-Treatment