In the small town of Conyers, Georgia we received a call about a hoarder who was removed from his home and placed in a nursing facility.

The gentleman’s ex wife called to explain that she needed our services to clean up the horrific mess left behind. They had been divorced for several years, but incapable of taking care of himself let alone deal with the home. Most Often the family members are left with the responsibilities of hectic disasters.

The call came in a few days after he was placed in a nursing home. Apparently, she was unaware he was hoarding and living in such conditions. She explained when they got divorced he became withdrawn and she believed the stress of divorce led him to begin this behavior in the first place.

She mentioned the home was a result of three years of hoarding.

The neighbors complained numerous times as his driveway and lawn was constantly cluttered with junk. They believed he didn’t have much respect for the other people living on the street.

When we arrived on scene to meet the wife, the home looked abandoned. It was hard to believe anyone had actually been living there. It was an extremely small house, only 900 square feet with one bedroom. We could only imagine how filthy the inside was going to be after listening to the description given by the woman.

After carefully making our way into the property fully protected, we were able to explore and determine exactly what lay before our team. The inside was layered in dirt and possessed a strong odor of ammonia. It smelled as if he allowed his small dog to urinate in the home. You could see how unsafe his environment had become.  Undoubtedly a task for a profession clean up crew.

Each room was packed with random papers, garbage, clothing items and toys. The toy collection seemed a little disturbing as he had no children. The carpets were completely unsalvageable. The flooring stained heavily with urine and other various unidentifiable substances. The ex-wife gave us permission to dispose of anything we deemed unsafe.

Advanced Bio Treatment not only cleans up murder and suicide scenes. We also clean up unattended deaths and hoarding properties. We are a professional cleanup service and only use specialized equipment targeted for each particular service needed.

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Ted Pelot Owner & President of Crime Scene Cleanup Company - Advanced Bio-Treatment