A Hoarder’s Unattended Death

Is it weird that I would rather clean up blood and matter spatter than step foot in a hoarder’s home? Most would think yes, but step into my shoes for this one and then decide. This particular job was a double whammy with hoarding cleanup and an unattended death to decontaminate.

Sad story really; the poor individual passed away and no one knew for days because he or she stayed cooped up in their home constantly keeping an eye on all of their “belongings.”

Believe it or not, the post man was the one who discovered the tragedy because the individuals mail just kept piling up, which was very unusual for this hoarder.

My team gets the emergency call and we quickly respond. As we are slowly pulling up to the house, a horrific smell that I cannot describe suddenly filled the air.

The smell was coming from over 100 ft. away inside this hoarder’s home! (Starting to think I’m not so weird for rather cleaning up blood.) So I’m not going to lie, I was terrified to walk into this home for a deep cleaning session when I can smell it from the road!

Boy Was I Right

There were literally maggots living all over the floor. Feces from rodents were everywhere and the dog had his own bathroom in the corner, piled up and smelly. Empty boxes filled the kitchen and living room floors.

There was so much dirt on the floor that it was permanently stained. This individual had a thing for empty beer boxes, they were in every room! If I was going to have beer boxes everywhere, I would want them full at least! But that’s just me.

Let’s not forget there was the dead body as well. Now, an unattended death is a very serious matter and cannot be handled lightly, physically or emotionally. Most often it can contain blood, tissue, bodily fluids, urine, and feces all in a state of decomposition.

A single drop of decomposing bodily fluid can contain germs, bacteria, and active disease that will remain viable and dangerous for long periods of time.  These dangers can seep into and be absorbed by cloth, carpet, wood, flooring, sub-flooring, in between walls, and ceilings carrying their pathogens with them.

I will spare you the details on this one guys. Trust me, I am not weird at all for rather cleaning up blood than a hoarder’s mess.

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Ted Pelot Owner & President of Crime Scene Cleanup Company - Advanced Bio-Treatment