Recent studies validated that about 4% of the American population hoards something or is in a hoarding situation.

Advanced Bio Treatment will clean up all types of hoarding scenes and will work discreetly with the family is that needs to happen. Some people who suffer from a mental or physical disability need the help and we understand that and are here for you.

What you may not realize is that hoarding can cause some very serious and dangerous health risks.  With all the piles of material just being left around bacteria and mold will start to grow. Especially if there is urine, feces and remains resting anywhere in the home.  That causes a lot more issues that need to be addressed by a professional clean up service.

A call we received recently was from a family of a man who had been hoarding for over a decade.

Apparently he suffers from a serious mental illness and is afraid to leave his house.  His hoarding had become so severe that he cut off his access to running water and his bathtub from the piles of trash, which finally led him to reach out to his family for help.

When we arrived at the home we could already see the extent of his hoarding.  His lawn was covered is various items that shouldn’t be in a lawn.  It looked as if he never cut his grass or tended to his home at all.  It looked pretty run down and disgusting, it was in no shape or form a safe living environment.

We prepared ourselves in protective gear and masks to protect ourselves from any hazardous bacteria or material.  We removed all the unnecessary piles of items throughout the home and clean and sanitized his entire home.  With any hoarding situation it is possible for E. Coli and other bacteria that leads to staph infections to grow, which is why it’s so important to call for help and not attempt to clean up such a large mess that has been sitting for years.

We here at Advanced Bio Treatment are here to help you clean such a disaster.

Whether it’s for you, a friend or family members, we are here to help you.  We aren’t here to judge you we are simply here to get your life back in order and release some of the stress hoarding has caused in your life.

Please don’t hesitate to call us, we work 24/7.

Ted Pelot Owner & President of Crime Scene Cleanup Company - Advanced Bio-Treatment