If you ever come across a scene like this one you will never forget it.

There is nothing that makes you realize your human limitations as seeing a decomposing body being eaten by maggots, flies and other vermin.

The smell stays with you the rest of your life. As much as you try to be professional, the stench is foul and overwhelming. Not everyone is able to do this job. I am grateful that I have been trained how to face these situations but even with the training it is still hard.

This man’s body was found in a run down home on the southeast part of Washington, D.C., which is one of the roughest areas of town according to some folks. Others say its not that bad if you are in a group but don’t go there alone.

Who knows what caused this man to die and not be found for so many days?

How can that ever happen to a person you may ask? It happens more than most folks think. With so many people isolating themselves from being with others they lose contact with people to watch out for them.

Many of these people we come across who have died alone and not found for days have had health issues, sudden heart attack without warning, aneurysms, etc.

Some were drug addicts who had been cut off from their family as they just decided they would rather give up trying to “fix them.”

Whatever the story, the ending is about as sad as you could possibly imagine. Can you even imagine lying dead for days without someone noticing? Its a scary thought that comes home to me every time I witness it.

How can anyone make sure this doesn’t happen to them? I have thought about this a lot when doing these unattended death cleanup scenes.

I would think that anyone should keep in touch with at least one person a day. If you are doing nothing but checking in on a person that you know lives alone on a daily basis at least that way you might know if something is wrong before it gets to this point.

If you see mail gathering up on a neighbor’s mailbox or front porch full of newspapers and such, perhaps you should knock on the door or get in touch with someone else to do it if you don’t know the neighbor that well. Report it to the police if it looks suspicious.

And if you do live alone, remember you are a vulnerable human being too. Keep in touch with other people some way so that this isn’t your fate. Its a scary and unpleasant reality that this happens and that our job often takes us here.

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