In the suburbs of Napa Valley, CA a 911 phone was made from a frantic neighbor.  She said she could smell something really strange coming from her next door neighbor’s apartment.

The caller made it known that her neighbor kept to himself most of the time and she didn’t really see him much.  She was concerned that she hadn’t seen or heard from him in about two weeks.

The police arrived on scene first and made various attempts to make contact with the neighbor.  He would not answer the door but the police could smell the foul odor also.  One police officer said it smelt like a decomposing body. Once they had established that the smell was pretty serious and the guy just wasn’t answering the door the police called for EMT’s and a coroner.

Once they got the door open what they saw was just disturbing and horrific.  There was so much stuffed packed literally from the ceiling to the carpet.

You couldn’t even see the carpet actually it was covered in feces, rotting food, and urine. The smell for so terrible they had to wear masks to protect themselves. This guy was a serious hoarder. It looked like he had saved everything since the day he was born.

Once they made their way through the piles of clothes, boxes, rat droppings they discovered the poor man in his bathroom. Well, it wasn’t much of a bathroom because it was covered in blood and trash. The man was dead and decomposing in his bathtub.  Who knows how long he had been there, maybe two weeks is what the coroner had mentioned.  To make contact with the man they had to move pounds of trash out of their way.  This poor man has slit his wrists and committed suicide in his own piles of garbage. This apartment was completely trashed and so unsafe for anyone to be living in.

This is where we come in.  Our job is not for everyone, we know that someone has to do it though.  Once the man was taken out of the bathroom and the coroner, EMT’s and police leave, we come in. This scene was obviously posing a huge health risk. There was blood, decomposing body fluid remains and trash all over this apartment. It was disgusting.

Advanced Bio Treatment came in and completely removed all trash, feces, carpets, wall paper, etc. We stripped this apartment clean. We use high-tech equipment to detect any fluids or blood that may be left over that we cannot see.  We make 100% sure that we leave with the scene in perfect condition as it was before the horrific event occurred.

Advanced Bio Treatment understands that decomposing body parts and fluids leftover pose an extremely terrible health risk to anyone who comes in contact. We came in a removed all remains of fluids and blood and disinfected from top to bottom. This place was as good as new when we left.

Advanced Bio Treatment will work with you and help you deal with any other services. If you need help with your insurance company, we can do that. We understand that situations like this are very emotional and difficult to deal with. We will and do respect your needs and wishes. We specialize in all clean up services. If is a suicide, murder, crime scene or hoarding, we do it all and we are here for you.

Call us 24/7 for an emergency cleanup service 800-295-1684.

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Ted Pelot Owner & President of Crime Scene Cleanup Company - Advanced Bio-Treatment