In terms of accident cleanup or trauma site remediation, the involvement of a professional cleaning service is crucial. This can not be overstated.

Whether it is a personal injury, traffic accident, an accidental death, or an industrial accident, the situation will normally involve biohazards that require expert attention. Additionally, the accident scene needs to be cleaned and restored to its original condition as quickly as possible to ease the minds of everyone involved.

As part of any scene cleaning in the aftermath of a potentially traumatic event, we will remove and decontaminate the blood, tissue and bodily fluids that has left behind. We also make sure that all biohazardous material is correctly disposed of, using specially designed bags to contain any dangerous pathogens which can pose a significant risk to human and animal health. This is one reason why it is so important to hire only those who are knowledgeable, certified and experts in the field, like those at ABT.

We strictly adhere to OSHAs regulations and API Worksafe guidelines, as well as deploying only hospital grade, EPA registered cleaners and disinfectants to ensure the safety of current or future residents.

Not every call we get, as mentioned before, involves the death or dismemberment of some poor soul. Sometimes, it’s just the opposite. We get to see the miracle of birth, or at least the mess that wondrous act leaves behind.

The happy couple lived in a new development in a beautiful suburb just outside of Tampa, sort of between Ocala and Orlando. The home itself was gorgeous; large spacious rooms, tasteful furnishings, fine finishes.

The nursery had been painted blue in anticipation of the little son they had been expecting in July. Problem was, this was June. Apparently, the child had had enough of his cramped quarters, and had decided to make an early arrival.

Not expecting their child for another month, the husband and father who worked at a firefighter, had not been home. Instead, he was in the middle of a 24 hour shift at the firehouse. The mother of the baby, however, was home and in bed.

Around 3am, she woke up to strange sensations in her abdomen, but this being her first child, had assumed that what she was feeling was just particularly intense Braxton Hicks contractions. Braxton Hicks are “practice” contractions that a woman’s body used to prepare and condition the body, specifically the muscles that contract the uterus.

Typically felt from the 5 or 6th month of the pregnancy until the end, these natural exercises can feel very much like labor. In fact, she had experienced such strong Braxton Hicks contractions before, that she had gone in to the hospital emergency room earlier in her pregnancy assuming that she was going into premature labor. This event would later play a part in her delayed realization that she was in “real” labor.

When the young woman couldn’t manage to get comfortable enough to fall back to sleep, she figured that she would get up to use the bathroom, but as she got out of the big bed and began making her way to the loo, she felt a pop. Looking down she thought that she had urinated on herself, so she quickly(or as quick as a large, pregnant body can)made her way the rest of the distance to the restroom.

Having just stepped onto the tiled floor, another lightning bolt of pain shot through her body and she braced herself against the door. As she caught her breath, she opened her eyes to see blood pooling in the grout lines on the floor. For a long moment she was paralyzed with fear, unsure of how to proceed and afraid that there was something very serious taking place while she was home alone, all the while the blood continued to drip down her legs to the ground below.

Just as another cramp racked her body, she realized that she was not going through some difficult practice contractions, she was feeling the real thing!

Light headed, she made her way into the bedroom yet again to retrieve her phone from her purse to call 911. Then, she laid down on the bed and waited for help to arrive, sure that she had enough time still to make it to the hospital that she and her husband had chosen to deliver at.

But she was wrong. Blinded with pain, she didn’t register the fact that the paramedics who showed up were not preparing to take her to the hospital, they were preparing to transport mother and child. She was going to have to finish what was started, right in the place where it had all begun. The master bed.

Horrified that her husband would miss the birth of their first son, she repeated over and over that someone should call him but it wasn’t until after the final push, and the sound of a lusty baby’s cry, that she noticed that the paramedic who had delivered the boy was none other than, her husband.

The heartwarming story certainly didn’t take away from the need for ABT’s site remediation.

Standing in the doorway to the master bedroom later that morning, it was clear that something momentous had taken place in the space.

Blood had saturated the sheets and mattress, and a trail of blood and ameniotic fluid led from the bathroom to the bed. The floor of the bathroom was also a messy spot, as bodily fluids had pooled around the tile and base of the door.

After we were geared up, we headed in with some of our special plastic bags to clear away any contaminated material. The first to go was the sheets, Grandma would just have to replace her wedding gift, followed by the entire mattress which was too drenched in blood to really be saved.

Next, we used special lights to track down every bit of blood or other fluids on the floors or baseboards, to ensure total elimination of any hazardous material as these can contain dangerous pathogens which can pose a significant risk to human health. Then, using a combination of steam and specially designed chemicals, we completely removed all traces of the wild early morning arrival.

The bathroom took a little more work as some of the fluid had seeped down into the grout and had to be carefully lifted out. Many times we have to replace flooring altogether, but in this case, that was not necessary.

Finally, the new bed that had been ordered that morning was delivered and installed. The home was again a home, and not a scene out of a horror movie. Which was great, because two days later, the beaming couple and their wee one were on their way home, to start their new life in the cozy, safe home that they remembered.

You don’t want to try and attempt to clean up a crime scene or accident scene.

Blood and other bodily fluids can contain dangerous pathogens which pose a significant risk to human health. Our scene clean up technicians will decontaminate and remove any blood, tissue or bodily fluids a crime and trauma scene has left behind. Advanced Bio Treatment is a professional scene cleaning company.

Regardless of whether the scene is at your home and personal property, a commercial business, or industrial site, we’ll strictly adhere to OSHA regulations and API Worksafe guidelines in our cleanup efforts. We only deploy EPA registered hospital grade cleansers and disinfectants.

If you need trauma or accidental death clean-up guidance, have questions about your payment options or current insurance policy covers don’t hesitate to give Advanced Bio Treatment a call at: 800-295-1684.

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Ted Pelot Owner & President of Crime Scene Cleanup Company - Advanced Bio-Treatment