Rental property managers ensure that a home is kept up as well as making sure the renters are trustworthy and reliable.

Property managers have to deal with a lot more stress than we would imagine. In this case the property manager had to make some frightening decisions.

We received a call early in the morning on a Monday from a property manager in Kentucky. She was explaining to us that she needed our company to go into the home she managers and clean up a homicide scene. Apparently the renters of the home had been drinking heavily and arguing which lead to a messy murder.

The manager knew that a professional company needed to cleanup the scene

A repeat customer, the property manager had used our services in the past on other homes that needed cleaning. We were told that we do a fine job on top of providing excellent customer service.

Advanced Bio Treatment cleans homicides, suicides, accidental deaths, hoarding disasters and even flood damage.

If you have a mess that needs to be taken care of we will do it. Our company has a strong reputation for excellence and we make sure all our our clients are not only satisfied with our services but the level of personable respect we offer. We understand the frustrations and stress that comes along with hectic and traumatic events.

We are thanking managers that refer us with up to $500 in cash rewards.

Check out our partner referral program and please don’t hesitate to call when you find yourself in a sticky predicament. Let us clean the mess and put the pieces to the puzzle back together.

Ted Pelot Owner & President of Crime Scene Cleanup Company - Advanced Bio-Treatment