When you are suddenly faced with a traumatic event involving violence or death, after the investigators or law enforcement have completed their work you are likely to be left with blood and other bodily fluid that must be safely cleaned. If it’s your home or business, it’s important to take the proper steps, closing off or isolating the contaminated area until it can be restored to a safe condition to prevent the potential harm that can be caused by bloodborne pathogens.

There are significant risks involved in blood clean up, including:

  1. The presence of bacteria: Blood and other body fluids may have a number of bloodborne pathogens and bacteria that can’t be seen by the naked eye. These pathogens include communicable diseases such as HIV, hepatitis, MRSA, and others.
  2. Lacking proper equipment: If the blood spot in your area is small enough to be cleaned by yourself, see the information below. A large area covered with blood, however, requires professional help. At Advanced Bio Treatment, our technicians have state-of-the-art equipment, proprietary chemicals to completely disinfect the area, and the experience to identify all areas in the environment that may be contaminated.
  3. Properly assessing the infected area: Few untrained people are able to fully assess the extent of risk. Sometimes, blood can soak up into the carpet and upholstered furniture, and even into floorboards and framing.

Tips for how to clean up blood spills safely:

  1. Safety first: Before you begin to clean the blood, always assume the blood carries the risk of dangerous diseases. Always be wary about the potential dangers while attempting any biohazard remediation.
  2. Use the right safety devices: Safety kits can be a lifesaver while cleaning body fluids. Basic cleaning kits includes materials such as disposable gloves, disinfecting towelettes, biohazard bags with a zip tie, scoop, protective cap, eye protection, protective gown, and mask.
  3. Use manufacturer-approved chemicals: While cleaning blood from surfaces like carpets, you should use chemicals that won’t cause damage to the fibers of the carpet. At the same time, the chemicals must also be effective in disinfecting the bloodborne pathogens.
  4. Use proper disposal methods: Everything you wear to clean up blood should be placed into a plastic bag, which should be tightly sealed and labeled as a biohazard. Consult with your county health officials for instructions on how to safely dispose of the bag.

Things You Need To Keep In Mind

Blood spills, unattended deaths, biohazard cleanup, and other types of cleanup involving body tissue or fluids happen without warning. One should always be prepared to take quick action when faced with such situations.

For the greatest peace of mind, contact a biohazard cleaning service such as Advanced Bio-Treatment to return your home, business or other property to a condition that’s safe for occupants. Biohazard cleanup companies have professionals trained under OSHA regulations and are equipped with the knowledge and skills to properly and safely clean up blood. Contact Advanced Bio Treatment at 800-295-1685 any time of day or night—our live operators are always ready to take your call and send a compassionate, experienced team to help.

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Ted Pelot Owner & President of Crime Scene Cleanup Company - Advanced Bio-Treatment