Advanced Bio Treatment has been a pioneer and leader in the Crime Scene and Bio hazard Clean-up Service for years, and now they have proven it once again.  Advanced Bio Treatment is happy to announce that they have a new method to clean up a room after it has been exposed to dangerous bacteria and viruses such as CDIFF, STAPH, MRSA and HIV. The Hydrogen Peroxide Fogger is a new and powerful surface disinfection device that combines the virus killing power of hydrogen peroxide and antibacterial properties of silver, into a gaseous form.  This combination, when used as a gas, can get into almost every nook, cranny, and crevice of the effected space and is a lethal disinfectant to MRSA, STAPH, H1N1, HIV/AIDS, Bird Flu, CDiff, Swine Flu, Whopping Cough, Tuberculosis, and many other hidden dangers. The New Hydrogen Peroxide Fogging System is one of the most effective ways to destroy microscopic bio hazards.  In addition it drastically reduces the risk of cross contamination that can occur with when cleaning with rags, sponges, and wipes. 

Since the new Hydrogen Peroxide Fogger is one of the most effective ways to decontaminate any room or effected area, Advanced Bio Treatment, President Jerry Turner pursued the proven technology immediately and added to his already extensive list of professional equipment. As a former police officer Jerry knows how traumatic the death of a loved one, or any type of crime scene, can be on a family member or victim. Jerry hand picks the people that work for him because they have a strong sense of empathy, compassion to help others in a time of great stress, and their attention to detail.  The business is very personal to him which is why he understands the value of someone’s peace of mind. The new fogging technology will help give you the peace of mind you deserve so that you can know that the hidden threats of Dangerous viruses and bacteria (CDIFF, STAPH, MRSA and HIV) have been removed.  Not only can this be used in a home or office, but is also perfect for the hospital, doctors offices, operating rooms, or the nursing home setting.  The Hydrogen Peroxide Fogger has been proven to greatly reduce the person to person spread of hospital born and antibiotic resistant bacteria and viruses. The HP fogger is quickly becoming a must have for any professional healthcare facility that is serious about reducing hospital born and antibiotic resistant viruses and bacteria.

For years Advanced Bio has been serving the victims, their families, businesses and healthcare facilities that have unfortunately found their home or office part of a homicide, suicide, trauma, other crime scene, or infectious disease situation.  Clean up technicians always work quickly, discreetly, and effectively as they restore your home or business to its previous state by reducing your physical and financial exposure to CDIFF, STAPH, MRSA and HIV.

For more information on the Hydrogen Peroxide Room Fogger or our many other services please call our 800.706.1420.  Also, we do offer the referral program for anyone that may need assistance due to crime scene cleanup or other services that we provide. A technician is ready to answer all of your questions 24/7. At Advanced Bio Treatment we hope you never need us, but if you do we are here to help.


Jerry Turner

Ted Pelot Owner & President of Crime Scene Cleanup Company - Advanced Bio-Treatment