ABT Wants You To Put Your Guns Somewhere Safe………..PLEASE!!!!

I cannot stress enough importance on gun safety. If you don’t believe in gun safety, you may after this story!

This scene is the blood of a 7 year old who was shot by his 5 year old brother in the middle of the night in Louisville, Kentucky. Yes, you read that right, 5 and 7 years old.

Now you wanna lock up your guns? I thought so.

This young boy has obviously seen too much about guns already whether from the television shows or video games his parents are watching and playing or letting him watch and play.

According to the parents, the gun was in their safe next to the nightstand of their bed and they did not hear him come in the middle of the night. So, the gun was in a safe not locked? I know the parents learned a hard lesson here, and I cannot imagine what is running through the 5 years old’s mind.

Traumatic accidents happen like this all too often. Such sad situations can be prevented with just a little more effort and safety precautions.

This Scene Has A Happy Ending!

By powers higher than anyone can imagine, this little 7 year old boy survived. The story is that the 5 year old snuck into their room, opened the safe and found the gun “with the safety on,” figured out how to undo the safety and walked up to his brother and shot him in the shoulder screaming “bang, bang you’re dead!” The boy was obviously just trying to play, but learned a big lesson instead.

Even though this didn’t end up as a crime scene, or a death, there was still blood on the couch, floor and few splatters on the wall that needed to be cleaned up by us here at Advanced Bio-Treatment. We come in suited up and ready to go!

Blood can carry a considerable amount of bacteria and pathogens not safe for others. Odors can become present and hard to remove. Most importantly, victims and clients have already experienced enough hardship or trauma over the incident making our mission to help shield you from even more. Click here to see our Accident & Trauma Scene Cleanup Information.

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Ted Pelot Owner & President of Crime Scene Cleanup Company - Advanced Bio-Treatment