The stories go on and on everyday at Advanced Bio Treatment

We are asked to share them with our readers to give you a little taste of what we do.

This one was both interesting and sad, for privacy reasons we will call him Jim D.   Around 80 years old and lived alone out in a little house in Mill Valley, California. Didn’t even have a telephone in his house.  Does the word “miser” mean anything to you?  (a person who hoards wealth and spends as little money as possible, from the dictionary)

Anyway. This old fella apparently didn’t get along with his family very well.  From what we were told some of them he hadn’t spoken to in years. He retired from the coal mines and had a pension so people said he wasn’t broke but lived like he was.  Some of the family that came by told us he never helped any of them with anything.  Sad, but apparently true.

So, is it any wonder when he fell down dead in his kitchen with an apparent heart attack that no one found him for a couple of weeks?

Decomposition and I mean of the worst kind had begun to settle in.

The place smells awful and his body well, lets just say its oozing out fluids and its a nasty sight.  I doubt this is how he planned the end to be.

It gets more interesting though.  Apparently “miser” Jim D. had hidden money all over the farm!  His daughter and grandkids were out at the house going through things and found money in all kinds of places.  Seems the more places they found it the more they kept looking.

He even had buried money in his tractor tires!  What the frick or as some would say WTF?

They were torn between hurt and anger, I’m thinking the anger will take over once the hurt leaves them.  Imagine, being so selfish you never bought your grandkids anything or helped your daughter when her power was being cut off and you had it in your power to?  Who the hell was he saving it for?  Well, as the old saying goes dude, you can’t take it with you.

At Advanced Bio Treatment we specialize in unattended death cleanup scenes. We have equipment, specialized disinfectant cleaners, and advanced training in order to properly handle the scene of an unattended death.  Our scene cleaning technicians will show up fast and on time, work quickly and thoroughly and of course work with the utmost care and compassion for the friends and loved ones.  We understand how difficult this time can be. Let us make it a bit easier and give you the assurance you need that the job is done right.

Unattended Death Can Be A Hazardous Situation

Most often it can contain blood, tissue, bodily fluids, urine, and feces all in a state of decomposition.  This can pose an extreme risk for untrained individuals as they can be exposed to infectious diseases. A single drop of decomposing bodily fluid can contain germs, bacteria, and active disease that will remain viable and dangerous for long periods of time.

These dangers can seep into and be absorbed by cloth, carpet, wood, flooring, sub flooring, in between walls, and ceilings carrying their pathogens with them.  In addition to the risk an untrained person undertakes when dealing with an unattended death, OSHA and the EPA have strict regulations on the collection and disposal to these types of hazardous material.

 Not only does Advanced Bio Treatment have professionally trained technicians with specialized equipment to handle the scene of an unattended death, but we also handle the entire disposal for you, don’t hesitate to give Advanced Bio Treatment a call!

Ted Pelot Owner & President of Crime Scene Cleanup Company - Advanced Bio-Treatment