Kentucky Boys Don’t Play Fair

They say that Kentucky residents own an average of four guns per person. That’s some serious business. Especially in Harlan county and the surrounding areas. Something about these folks; they take their family and their business serious.

There’s not a lot of work in the mountains of Kentucky. Many of the factories have shut down. Dealing in drugs is what many do for work here. No surprise there is a lot of dangerous boys around the area. They don’t play.

We are told most of the crimes that happen here in this area are due to drug addiction. This scene above is how one man was found, as gross as it is to think about his brains were literally blown out.

Stories fly around when people hear about anything. Was he a dealer who was skimming some of the money and taking a little for himself? That’s one of the stories going around. We come in and look around, its obvious this was no accidental death.

Whoever did it meant to kill. No questions asked. No witnesses.

Stories tell crime bosses out of Chicago and New York hit this area hard and got their hands in the drug business here. These guys sign up thinking they will get rich quick and sometimes they apparently do make a lot of money but you don’t want to break their rules.

Drive through this area and you see a lot of land. A lot of fields and mountains perfect for growing crops. Perfect for growing marijuana. Makes you wonder why in the hell they don’t legalize it, get the crime bosses out of here and give these poor folks a legitimate job. They could tax the crap out of it!

Out if the woods I hear you still will find moonshine stills, its not out of the question. Some people think its made up what you see on television but most of its based on true stories. There’s some very poor folks here. Many uneducated, never get the opportunity to get out of here and change their lives.

We Have A Job To Do Here Just Like Any Other Job

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Ted Pelot Owner & President of Crime Scene Cleanup Company - Advanced Bio-Treatment