Do People Get What They Deserve?

I’m not the judge of that, I just do my job when told! I’m not responsible for figuring out what happened. However, as someone who has seen a lot of bad situations, hears a lot of information on the “down low”, (none of which I can pass along), I can sometimes get an understanding of the situation that may or may not be accurate, but nonetheless is something to think about.

In eastern Kentucky, people take their business seriously. They don’t mess around. There’s a lot of “taking the law into your own hands” mentality. I’ve heard of grandmothers packing a pistol who wouldn’t think twice about putting a bullet in someone’s head if they felt “justified” to do it.

And I can guess what you are thinking, that doesn’t happen where you are from so you can’t imagine that happening in eastern Kentucky or Tennessee or any other state. But I’m telling you it does happen.

What Does It Mean To Be “Justified”?

Well, let’s say a rowdy bunch of guys get drunk and decide to break into little ole grandmother’s shed, steal her power tools and riding lawn mower? Better watch out fools, grandma’s no fool and she will get the gun out. No questions asked.

Don’t forget some of these grandmas lived during the prohibition. Some of them were alive and well making and selling “moonshine” and tangling with “the revenues.” The stories fly in this part of the country so don’t underestimate what could happen and what does happen that you may never really hear about.

Some of those grandmas passed along the family business and now it’s not necessarily “moonshine” though in parts of the counties down here that are as dry it could be. Some of these families have moved on to selling weed and oxycontin and such.

Oh yeah, it’s big business. And yeah, we get a lot of calls for cleanup. I’m sure you have seen movies and t.v. shows that tell some of the stories about this.

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