This Crime Scene Cleanup Surprised Me!

After so many cleanups, everything seems about the same; blood, guts, gore etc. But killing a poor innocent kitty cat? Really? That’s just evil, for real people!

The story is the So and So’s were out of town for the night and thought they could leave their kitty with fres food, water and litter and everything would be fine.

Turns out there decision was a mistake, A VERY BIG MISTAKE. Their neighbor, Bob, hated little kitty cat because it always climbed into his garden and ruined his flower bed, in his eyes. He watched the So and So’s leave and noticed they packed bags and were going to be gone for awhile.

Now, this neighbor was a sneaky one because apparently he never told the So and So’s he didn’t like ther kitty. In fact, they were very good friends and hung out together often! The entire reason the neighbor got caught for kitty cat slaying is because he is the only person that knows how to get in their house and there was no sign of breaking an entering and neighbor’s fingerprints were found on the door knob. 

So You Think You Know Someone?

Guess you just never really do know and have to just have faith that people are good. Poor innocent kitty cat and a brutal murder it was. Blood was all over the place! It seems as if maybe the cat survived the first stab and try to run away according to the blood scatter.

When an accident or trauma has occurred at a home, industrial site, or traffic scene a professional cleaning service is crucial. Advanced Bio Treatment has the experience in all types of trauma and accident scenes and have the equipment and trained professional staff available at all times to deal with any situation.  Attempting to handle the cleanup process individually will not only be traumatic for everyone involved, but you will never be sure if all the dangers have been removed. 

A typical accident scene can have dangerous chemicals, blood, tissue, bodily fluids, urine, and feces.  Just one of these biohazards can contain bacteria or pathogens that you would be exposing yourself and others to. We have trained crime scene clean up technicians that can handle all situations in every type of environment.

Our technicians will arrive promptly and work swiftly and meticulously to restore the affected environment to its previous state. Our technicians are the most professional in the business and our call center will also walk you through any insurance questions that you may have.  No matter what the situation or environment the trauma or accident occurred in, Advanced Bio Treatment can restore the affected area to its previous state.

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Ted Pelot Owner & President of Crime Scene Cleanup Company - Advanced Bio-Treatment