Dealing With Suicide Scene Cleanup

Sad, but true, we are cleaning another young adult suicide. Today’s world is so ugly and heart-breaking; my condolences go to this young man’s family and friends in this time of mourning. I don’t always like sharing these stories or showing pictures, some think it is disrespectful. I have to tell you I look at these pictures as awareness. I am putting this public, online for the whole world to see. I want them to see it because maybe, just maybe, someone will stop what they were thinking of doing when actually seeing the disgusting aftermath. Sure, that may be bad business for me because I will have one less cleanup. But one less cleanup won’t hurt me any if it means saving another life.

We always perform suicide cleaning services with your environmental and emotional needs in mind

Suicide Cleanup Picture  This young man must have thought he has had enough, or maybe he just saw all the ugly in the world and just couldn’t take it. Either way, he slit his wrists so bad there was no going back even if he wanted to. The young man was in college; maybe he was failing, felt worthless, and was afraid of telling his parents he was kicked out. Some people do not put much value on their lives because their worth is not drilled into their heads these days. I am not questioning anyone’s parenting skills by any means. I simply mean with poverty, wars, and no control of the media, children see death all the time and it might be seen as no big deal.

Advanced Bio Treatment Is Experienced

We understand you’re calling on us in the aftermath of a terrible event. More importantly we will always treat you in a way that demonstrates we understand the pain and difficulty that results from suicide. As part of any suicide scene cleaning, we’ll remove and decontaminate the blood, tissue and bodily fluids this trauma leaves behind. We’ll strictly adhere to OSHAs regulations and API Worksafe guidelines and only deploy EPA registered hospital grade cleansers and disinfectants.

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We only offer professional support and cleaning, your emotions need not be afraid, we are here to help. No one better understands the seriousness of these situations as we do. Do not hesitate to call for our guidance as we can help you with decisions regarding certain issues or insurance policies. Please give us a call @ 800-295-1684.

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Ted Pelot Owner & President of Crime Scene Cleanup Company - Advanced Bio-Treatment