Thank You Hoarders!

I was just telling my wife that I hoped the next job we get called to isn’t a murder or a suicide. Its been one of those weeks where I’m just blown away by what I’ve seen. I like to think I have a cast iron stomach but I am still working on my soft heart!

After talking with my wife I realized, cleaning up cat piss and mounds of garbage with mice droppings isn’t much fun either! But there we were for 3 full days. It was that bad. This cleanup from last year came to mind, in particular, because of how crazy it really was. I enjoyed telling my wife who didn’t believe it until I showed her the pictures.

Hoarders. If you’re like me you didn’t know there were so many of them that a reality show could be made about them. I hate to say “them” as it sounds so stereotypical but no kidding, they’re a unique breed. Gotta wonder what makes them tick.

I read a little about it after training. The hoarder kind of has that obsessive compulsive nature. They don’t intend to be creating problems for other people. They have some need to collect and keep things other people would throw away.

One thing hoarders don’t realize is how much of a danger and hazard they can create in their hoarding. A compulsive hoarder doesn’t realize that they are doing anything wrong. I can only imagine how difficult this is for the family members to deal with.

Most of us can walk through our houses with a garbage bag and fill it with things to donate to the Goodwill or Homeless shelters. I don’t mean trash either, I mean clothes we aren’t wearing, have outgrown, out of style, etc., shoes, toys, trinkets we won’t use. Sometimes we get rid of stuff so we can get something new. Its normal to do that.

What isn’t normal is to hold on to every plastic bag, every twist em, every dirty dish, stockpile 20 identical green t’shirts just in case you have 20 friends that need one. It’s mind boggling, fascinating and disgusting at the same time!

Not to mention JOB SECURITY. Thank you to all you hoarders who keep me in a job! On that note, I would like to say its so much easier if the Hoarder isn’t around when the cleanup is done. Whew. They want to have a say so in what happens to every item we get rid of and sometimes its a real challenge just getting them to let go! They probably would drag the stuff back in the house if they could.

I think we really do better work if they aren’t at home, that’s my humble opinion.

ABT Has Pricing Set Specifically For Hoarding Cleanup Jobs

Simple – Open – Flat Rate Pricing

Jobs can usually be scheduled within 24-48 hours. Emailing ABT photos will allow us to estimate the number of techs and dumpsters.
Small Jobs (Studio Apartments/1 Bedroom Apartments or Condos)

$1000/per day/per technician (two techs may be required to move heavy objects / furniture)
Additional expenses will be added such as dumpster / truck / dump fees/ garbage bags – plus 21%
Includes Carpet Removal and/or cleaning / disinfecting
Larger Jobs (Homes/condos 2 or more bedrooms)

$4000/per day includes 4 technicians and 1 dumpster up to 40 CY if available in your area
Additional dumpster = cost + 21%
Includes carpet removal and/or cleaning / disinfecting
Additional Services

Clean and disinfect visible surfaces in the home after hoarding cleanout. Labor included in above rates but additional cleaning supply charge of $300 per day will apply.
Should non-carpet floor coverings and sub flooring need removal, additional charges would apply. Should biomaterial be discovered disposal fees are $191 per bio box.

Should you need this type of cleanup job don’t hesitate to give Advanced Bio Treatment a call at:800-295-1684.

ABT offers a referral fee of up to $500




Ted Pelot Owner & President of Crime Scene Cleanup Company - Advanced Bio-Treatment