No, I’m not talking about ghosts or the paranormal, I wish that would be interesting! I’m talking about, of course, the four legged members of a household… pets. Dogs and cats mostly.

Everything from neglectful tenants who let their pit bull chew up and urinate on someone’s investment property, to racoon investing an attic and soaking the insulation with super stinky pee pee, or even a man who let his horse and cow freely enter or exit(in more than one way, if you catch my drift)his home… if you can think it up, I’ve probably seen it and then cleaned it up.

The worst cases of animal damage occur when an individual hoards a great number of animals in one property, generally a very bad thing for all parties involved; the homeowner, the animals, the neighborhood, the home etc.

Many times a person who hoards pets is an animal lover from way back and may actually believe that they are helping out by giving an unwanted animal a home, despite the terrible living conditions the poor creature endures.

These individuals mainly suffer from a variant of OCD, and do these behaviors compulsively.  They end up taking in more than they can handle and that is when conditions start to deteriorate to unhealthy levels: animals go without food, medical care, many breed indiscriminately with close relatives causing genetic weaknesses, and the sort.

In one case I was called in to handle in Raleigh, North Carolina involved a woman who owned a duplex.

On one side of the building she lived with her teenage son and her aging mother, and on the other end, in a 1700 square foot home, she housed over 40 dogs, ranging from small toy breeds to great big mastiff mixes, 18 cats and a handful of other pets including a opossum which she kept in a bathtub.

The woman had apparently been ordered by the court to relinquish ownership of the animals and to have the home prepared for inspection.  If the inspection of the property by the city determined that it was unfit for human occupation, then both ends of the duplex would be condemned until further notice, or the next hearing which could take over 6 months.  In other words, she had her work cut out for her but if she came up short, she would lose her property and become homeless along with her son and elderly mother.

The remediation took about four days and when I tell you that this lady would have lost her home had she not called us in to perform the cleanup, I am not exaggerating one bit. The house was utterly ruined. The walls, floor and ceiling of the two story home were covered with a mixture of urine, blood, feces and dirt.  Empty cans of cat food were everywhere, as well as huge bags of dog food that had just been thrown into the center of a room and sliced open with a knife.  Feces of every shape, color, size and aroma… don’t get me started on what the freaking place smelled like, good lord… were spread out wherever the eye touched, because certainly the hand was loathed to touch a thing.  Huge holes had been chewed and scratched out of door frames, drywall and cabinets, with any reachable wiring pulled out and destroyed.

So much urine drenched the floors that on the second level it had actually found its way down through cracks in the grout and had been dripping off of a ceiling fan downstairs, spraying the foul smelling liquid in all directions.

But the worst part was having to remove the three separate litters of puppies or kittens that I had found in various areas of the home who had not made it under the overwhelmingly extreme environment inside.

When all was said and done, after we had scrubbed and scrapped and swept and sanitized, as we were packing up our van still thinking about what we had just gone through, the neighbors had actually come outside to clap and shout thank you.  I was puzzled though… were they clapping because they were happy that the animals were gone and the home was no longer a blemish on their community, or were they applauding because I have a great butt… or was it because the professionals at ABT had just saved this woman from having to tell her mother and son that they had no place to live?

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Ted Pelot Owner & President of Crime Scene Cleanup Company - Advanced Bio-Treatment