Meth is a synthetic stimulant that affects the Central Nervous System.

It is usually composed of ingredients including, but not limited to: pseudoephedrine, a decongestant, battery acid or lithium, drain cleaner, lye, and much, much more. Meth a.k.a. ice, speed, crystal, glass, etc is EXTREMELY HORRIBLE for your body; it does great damage to the brain and body, even your face. You could get “meth mouth” or “crank bugs;” why does this sound appealing?

Anywho, so we got a call from Freeport, Florida about a blown-up meth lab. I LOVE CLEANING UP METH LABS!!! It’s just so entertaining to see how crazy these people get into making their the labs and how they have them concocted together and how the dumbasses blew themselves up! It’s usually a stinky, gross mess but compared to rotten feces, I’ll take it.

Freeport, FL is what I like to call a “po-dunk” town, sorry if you are from there but it is true! Meth is a VERY big money-maker in this area; it is very highly made, distributed, and ingested by many. I was a little uncomfortable in this area as many people were pacing around and crater-faced, but there was also a cute, quaintness about the area as well, I have to say. Small towns have their perks?

Meth Lab Cleanup in FloridaThis particular meth lab was not connected to any big dealer or anything; it was a couple who just made and did their own to support and supply their own habit. Well, their day ended bad when hubby turned the boiler too high, or something and BAM! That place blew up and caught fire so quick; the owners were lucky to escape but unlucky to be arrested running down the side of the road. Guess meth doesn’t do much for your “thinking” part of the brain; fight or flight?

For Meth lab decontamination we deploy a three-step process to help protect you, your family, guests and tenants.

The process takes 5 to 30 days. The first step requires a comprehensive site survey and work plan. The survey will consist of obtaining and evaluating law enforcement agency reports, both local and DEA, shipping manifests for the chemicals and cooking equipment removed from the site, cooking method used, determination of contamination in land, wells and septics, heat and a/c system type and design, structural contamination issues and necessary deconstruction areas and disposal areas in yard, just to name some of the information needed to create a work plan. After completing the site survey, a work plan and bid for the Meth lab cleanup will be prepared for you.

Next, we will decontaminate the site to meet your state guidelines or the state of Tennessee’s should your state have no official regulatory guidance. This process generally takes one to ten days depending on the size and level of contamination of the site. We handle everything, A to Z, including disposal of hazardous materials that are associated with meth labs and will be produced for you.

Last, we have a certified Industrial Hygienist that will do post sampling to determine and certify that the meth lab site is now decontaminated to a level within regulatory specification. You will be provided with this certification so that you may remove your property from quarantine, sell it, move back in or re-rent it. It is important to note that we do not do the post sampling ourselves for obvious conflict of interest reasons. But we do hire a non-associated company to handle that for us / you.

Don’t hesitate to give Advanced Bio-Treatment a call for your meth lab cleanup. We are empathetic professionals here to help 24/7. Call NOW1 800-295-1684


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