Advanced Bio Treatment: More Than Meets The Eye: Blood Cleanup
This picture has more to it than what you see at face value.

We didn’t share the brain matter or the all the visceral chunks this time. Sometimes just a little “tease” is enough to get the gears in your head turning. This is about Blood Cleanup.

Every day we have a job to do. Every job has a story and somebody affected by it. Usually they are devastated or stressed beyond all belief.

We get a lot of questions on how to get into this line of work. It is a job that has to be done but it isn’t for everybody. It’s a demanding job physically, mentally and emotionally. You have to have a strong stomach and spirit to be able to hold back the tears and contain your breakfast as you force yourself to work with the putrid smells and other surprises that come with the job. Either that or your tears will spill into your protective eyewear or your mask will fill with vomit. It happens to all us of at least once.

The jobs we get showcase the results of people not at their best. Desperate acts shaped by addiction, uncontrollable rage spilling over onto someone else, domestic disputes getting out of hand, freak accidents, suicides, overdoses.

We don’t show these pictures just to get you to click on something. It’s not shock advertising necessarily. We want you to think about this stuff on a deeper level.

Can you look at all these pictures and not turn away? A lot of them are graphic and we do that to get the point across. What we show is typically mild compared to what the entire scene looks like. Remember that you see this picture but somebody else found this first and chances it was a family member or friend, then us. Sometimes the scene stays frozen in time for a few days before we get the call to move out.

Could you imagine finding this scene and seeing your loved one was the proverbial star of the show? Could you keep your focus while cleaning a puddle of blood that spilled out of your loved one? How about picking up chunks of brain? What about doing it while knowing that if it isn’t cleaned right you put every person who steps into that place at risk of some seriously dangerous health risks? You have to be extremely careful, focused and on point to do this job safely. We are the professionals with no ties to the victims usually and sometimes it takes every ounce of who we are to continue to do the job.

That’s why we are always telling you to never clean these scenes up yourself. It’s not worth the emotional trauma of dealing with a loved one’s remains. It’s not worth the physical risk of doing it incorrectly. We know where to look and how to decontaminate and sanitize to guarantee your safety. We might not know you personally but we take the safety of you and your family very seriously. That’s why we can also work with an agent of the family as to try and not disturb the grieving family any more than absolutely needed. It’s why we will work with your insurance company.

That’s another reason we also offer up to $500 for referrals. Everybody likes money and that incentive can often take the decision of cleanup out of the hands of some people who might not be making the best decisions due to overwhelming emotions, those that attempt to do it themselves.

This is more than advertising. It’s more than offering money to get work. It’s about protecting your family, your investments and your health. It’s horrible that we’re often called when a life has ended but that’s why we’re here. Let us make sure that your life isn’t jeopardized further by making sure the scene is safe. We adhere to OSHA guidelines at all times and are trained and certified to remediate residential, commercial and industrial areas.

If you have any questions, need immediate assistance for blood cleanup or guidance then please call Advanced Bio-Treatment at 800-295-1684. We’re on standby for you 24/7.



Ted Pelot Owner & President of Crime Scene Cleanup Company - Advanced Bio-Treatment