Biohazards should only be handled by trained professionals who have the proper equipment and methods to do a safe cleanup.

Infectious diseases like staph, MRSA, and even Ebola can be spread to people who come in contact with materials that touched an infected individual.

Because we’re talking about microscopic bacteria and viruses, people can’t see the hazards themselves. Obviously folks need to stay clear of blood and any fluids from an infected person, but there can still be a biohazard on things that might look clean – especially if a known infected person was in the building.


Nursing facilities often have these hazards. Many times, patients and staff become infected.

We were called to decontaminate a nursing home after four different patients and three staff members contracted MRSA over a short period. At first, the staff tried to do biohazard cleanup themselves. But the same people were re-infected after treatment, and different people came down with infections.

In one case, an elderly resident had such a severe infection that her foot had to be amputated. At this point, the staff was still trying to handle the situation on their own. With the infected people all on special antibiotics, things seemed to be improving.

A week later, a man on the housekeeping staff started having swelling and redness on his hand. Tests showed that he had a MRSA infection as well, and in spite of medications, his hand only got worse.

Then, two of the people who were improving with treatment started getting worse. One had MRSA enter her bloodstream – a far more serious matter. She was able to recover only after heart surgery and cleaning it out of the heart valves. The man with the hand infection developed an abscess, and later lost two fingers (he was still being treated for infection long afterward).

Finally, after investigations and a messy public ordeal, all the residents were moved to another building so our crew could perform a full biohazard cleanup and decontamination. We certified the building safe, and new procedures were put in place by the management to keep any infections under control.

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Ted Pelot Owner & President of Crime Scene Cleanup Company - Advanced Bio-Treatment