Just last week six people were killed in an apparent murder suicide in Charleston, South Carolina.

A man called 911 stating he needed a deputy because he was thinking about hurting himself. When police arrived, the SWAT team tried to talk the man into coming outside, when he refused they went into the home and found six dead bodies.

The dead included his former girlfriend, her parents, two of her children and the body of the man who had made the 911 call. He had broken into his girlfriends home earlier in the evening and waited for them to return home.

“Once you see a horrific scene like this it never leaves you. It’s with you day in and day out,” -Greenwood County Sheriff Tony Davis.

At a Walmart in Salem, Ohio an apparent murder suicide was found in the employee parking lot, a man shot his former girlfriend and then himself around 2:40 a.m. in the morning.

A Texas mother killed herself, her husband, and their three children. Ironically it was not the abusive husband who committed the murders as was originally suspected. ‘I don’t care where you are. Any time there’s five losses of lives in one location, that’s shocking and traumatic,’ Sheriff Tanner said to the local NBC affiliate at the time. ‘It doesn’t make any difference where you are. It’s a horrible, horrible thing to see, witness or be a part of.”

There have been more than 16 mass shootings since the Newton, Connecticut slayings last December. By FBI standards a mass shooting involves 4 more people. Guns have killed more than 24,580 people since Newton.

While none of the mass shootings or murder suicides are related incidents, the statistics are alarming and unsettling.

A common motive for murder is financial gain. In murder suicide there is no one to gain financially left alive. In mass murder the motives are even more complex if there even is a motive.

The trauma and aftermath of such horrific crimes is devastating. Cleanup involves extensive bodily fluid decontamination and blood cleanup. Crime scene cleanup professionals have to be sensitive to the extremely emotionally difficult situations of the surviving family members and friends.

Empathy is a characteristic Advanced Bio-Treatment looks for in their technicians and are trained to be professional and sensitive.

We sincerely hope you never face these type situations or need a suicide cleanup.

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Ted Pelot Owner & President of Crime Scene Cleanup Company - Advanced Bio-Treatment