Working at Advanced Bio Treatment, a fair amount of our calls involve homicide.

We can really be quite nasty to one another.

Its been my observation that in these instances, the violence is usually spawned by the most trivial things… though obviously not trivial to the person doing the killing. When the death of an individual is the result of a robbery gone wrong, I can’t help but compare the cost of the goods taken to the pricelessness of the life that was stolen. It always strikes me as so senseless.

I am, of course, referring to a recent call I received earlier this year from a distressed apartment manager.

The apartment building was located in a nice, working class neighborhood in a beautiful suburb outside of Atlanta, Georgia. It was a one bedroom, that had been rented out by a young college student and his girlfriend of two years. Standing inside the home it was immediately apparent that something foul was afoot. The door frame had obvious signs of a forced entry; splinters of wood and a mangled lock hung from the door. We were led down the hallway, past a group of detectives that were in the process of finalizing their investigation at the apartment, to a small bathroom. Blood droplets made a path towards the bathtub, where a huge pool of congealed blood redefined the meaning of “bloodbath”. As we began the blood removal from the flooring, and the full decontamination of the scene, a detective broke away from his coworkers and came to offer an explanation. The young couple had a love for entertaining and many nights they could be found in their home, hosting some get together for their friends and local family. Somehow, they had met a couple of young men at a bar late one night and after they moved the party back to their place. When one of the men was caught stealing the wallet out of the young woman’s purse, they were quickly asked to leave.  Which they appeared to do, at first, but after a change of plans, they came back and broke in the door. What ensued could only be described as a nightmare: they sexually assaulted the woman in front of her boyfriend before leading them into the bathroom and then into the tub, where they were covered with a blanket and shot. The man was killed, but the woman had fortunately been discovered alive by a concerned neighbor investigating the sound of gunshots. After she had been rushed to the hospital, despite being shot in the head, was still lucid enough to give a full description of the two attackers which eventually led to the arrest of both individuals. It was a harrowing story, and it stayed on my mind for much of the week, though it only took two days to thoroughly clean and restore the apartment.  The question that repeats over and over again in these cases is, “was that item worth the life of an innocent person”… and the only answer that’s ever seemed accurate is “Hell No.” You don’t want to try and attempt to clean up a crime scene or accident scene. Blood and other bodily fluids can contain dangerous pathogens which pose a significant risk to human health. Our scene clean up technicians will decontaminate and remove any blood, tissue or bodily fluids a crime and trauma scene has left behind. Advanced Bio Treatment is a professional scene cleaning company. Regardless of whether the scene is at your home and personal property, a commercial business, or industrial site, we’ll strictly adhere to OSHA regulations and API Worksafe guidelines in our cleanup efforts. We only deploy EPA registered hospital grade cleansers and disinfectants. If you need trauma or accidental death clean-up guidance, have questions about your payment options or current insurance policy covers don’t hesitate to give Advanced Bio Treatment a call at: 800-295-1684.

Ted Pelot Owner & President of Crime Scene Cleanup Company - Advanced Bio-Treatment