Advanced Bio Treatment received a call from a Manager at a local grocery store in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

That city has a high rate for violent crimes, specifically homicides. The Manager called us asking us to clean a homicide that occurred in the store she manages. Apparently the scene was a bloody mess and needed our immediate assistance.

The Manager of the store was just about to close up for the night when the unexpected happened. She explained that she was cleaning the store and beginning to close up when she saw a brutal fight break out which lead to a violent death. One man was stabbing the other man repeatedly. She was completely shocked and terrified.

Advanced Bio Treatment is here to help Managers in the midst of an extremely traumatic event. Our company works with all types of businesses and property managers. We understand that the unexpected happens and you may feel overwhelmed but it’s always important to call a professional crime scene cleanup company like us at ABT.

In this particular circumstance the Manager called us directly after calling 911. She had family who worked in the Law Enforcement field and she had a little bit of knowledge in the fact that police don’t actually handle the crime scene cleanups even though most people are mistaken because only crime scene cleanup companies handle the aftermath.

Advanced Bio Treatment understands working in the Managing field you meet some interesting people on a daily basis. Some people you didn’t even know existed because they are either on drugs, alcohol or have a long prison reputation. Managers have a long list of responsibilities to handle during the workday and we are so glad to know that this Manager was highly trained and knew to call us.

Here at ABT we are spreading the importance of our services and what exactly crime scene cleanup is. It’s important to call a professional to clean up blood, human bodily fluids and infectious diseases. These are the common scenes related with Managers. Attempting to cleanup such scenes can be dangerous and should not be done without ABT’s assistance.


All Managers please call ABT when you find yourself in an unexplainable situation like the Manager at the grocery store. Who would’ve thought murder would take place in the produce section at your local store?


Our company is offering a $500 reward to all referrals called into our services. This is Jerry Turner’s (ABT owner) way of thanking all managers who have worked so diligently to help us spread awareness. We want to be your number one choice and preferred crime scene cleanup company. Let us take care of all your disastrous needs.



Ted Pelot Owner & President of Crime Scene Cleanup Company - Advanced Bio-Treatment