People ask all the time why we do this job or how we can stand it

There is no way to really understand that this job has become a necessary evil not unlike the EMT or something.  Sure they have a different aspect than we do but it’s all necessary, not something just for fun.

Of course there are times when this work is overwhelming.  Mostly it is a job that gives satisfaction and sometimes we deal directly with a hurting family who truly appreciates our work and what we did that kept them from having to do!

We have our critics of course, and some really do think putting up the pictures of the scenes is in bad taste.

For those folks we just want to say there is a reality here that perhaps you aren’t willing to face.

Witnessing a traumatic scene where a death has occurred due to selfish acts committed we truly hope the perpetrator gets his just reward.  We hope that they are caught.

This intruder apparently not only wanted the goods in the apartment he wanted to mess with the lady who lived here first and that was before he stabbed her to death.  He left behind a nasty scene and a broken hearted family.  Way to go dude.  May you rot in hell.

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Ted Pelot Owner & President of Crime Scene Cleanup Company - Advanced Bio-Treatment