Georgia Man Claimed He Would Commit the Perfect Murder

Stephen Mark McDaniel began to plot what he called the “perfect murder” and bragged that he would never get caught. The recent law school graduate is now in the Bibb County jail charged with premeditated murder and possession of child pornography.

William and Karen Giddings sued McDaniel in Federal Court for the wrongful death and dismemberment of their daughter, Lauren Teresa Giddings, who was next door neighbor to McDaniel in a Macon, Georgia apartment complex. They were also members of the same law school class and had both graduated in May of 2011.

McDaniel had told his roommate that he has no conscience and loves power, that he would gain dominance over his victim and would use chloroform to lure them. He bragged that he would dismember the body and scatter the body parts in the woods where no one would ever find them.

McDaniel purchased a Stanley brand hacksaw prior to June of 2011, and purchased the materials to make chloroform including chlorine bleach. He visited his grandfather’s property, 63 wooded acres in Pike County, for the purpose of finding spots to scatter body parts.

He was also captured on camera at Walmart pricing boat anchors for the purpose of submerging body parts; McDaniel does not own a boat.

What Else Happened

McDaniels had stolen a set of master keys to the apartments and had access to Lauren’s apartment.

Lauren was filmed on a drive-through surveillance at a local Zaxby’s on June 25, 2011 at around 6:30 p.m, this was the last known time anyone had seen her.

Somewhere between June 25 and 30th Stephen McDaniels murdered and dismembered Lauren Giddings. Lauren’s friends became concerned when they hadn’t heard from her.

Lauren’s body was found wrapped in five plastic bags in garbage cans in a trash can in the parking lot of the Barrister Apartments.

The head, legs and arms had been severed, her torso was the only part of her body found.

Police interviewed McDaniel in their investigation and cadaver dogs detected the scent of human remains in McDaniel’s apartment. More evidence was discovered during the search of Lauren’s apartment, blood spatters in the bathroom, a pair of Lauren’s underwear was found in McDaniel’s apartment along with the packaging of the saw and other mysterious items, including child pornography.

On August 2, 2011 McDaniel was charged with premeditated murder of Lauren Giddings.

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