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Cleanups do not have to be from the brutally murdered or a bloody suicide. Sometimes people accidentally injure themselves so bad that professionals needs to clean it up. Especially scenes that involve a lot of blood or personal injuries that occurred in a office or hotel setting, such as this one today.

Personal Injury Cleanup from ABT.   A guest was attempting to take a shower and the event took a change for the worst. As she was stepping into the shower, with razor in hand, she slipped and fell on her head while accidentally slicing her head with the razor. I mean bad luck seriously! What are the odds you fall and slice yourself so badly in the same accident?

   The young lady was very lucky she did not lose consciousness as she might not of ever woken up from the amount of blood she lost from a scrape to the dome. I’m sure she counted her lucky stars after this one! From the look of the scene, it seems like she was able to gain consciousness and maneuver her body out of the shower in just enough time.

Again, lucky for this individual, the hotel has phones in their bathroom! As the young lady climbed out of the tub, blood gushing and squirting at this point, she manages to dial the front desk and mumble “help” before she falls to the floor from the sight and amount of her own blood.

Hotel Calls First Responders Who Then Calls Us

Blood squirt everywhere from this personal injuryNot only was the blood present in the bathtub, it squirt everywhere in the bathroom! As you can see by the picture illustrated to the right, her head was literally squirting out. She only stood for a short minute before she fainted, but it was enough time to lose a lot of blood and come close to death.

As previously mentioned, the girl was very lucky to have reached the front desk through the bathroom phone who was able to call the paramedics. They showed up on scene fairly fast and were able to save the young lady.

We at ABT love happy endings! Enjoy this one and yesterday’s as there might not be any good for awhile. Like us, you learn to take the good with the bad and eventually it all just turns into the same thing, work.

Considering this was a public hotel where many stay, this room had to be decontaminated ceiling to floor. Every square-inch of this room was sprayed, wiped, and disinfected. Just about any task can take a dangerous turn and become a traumatic injury. When things go horribly wrong, ABT is there to handle the difficult cleanup and site remediation. Our experience with blood cleanup and biohazards allow us to provide professional site remediation and we are experienced with working with insurance carriers to provide quick claims processing.

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