What a lot of people don’t know is that removing the evidence of a violent death is the family’s responsibility.

The police, investigators and coroners don’t take part in that circumstance. They simply come in to investigate record and remove the body. What next? That’s where we come in. The families are left with the scene. They have to come home every day to see blood stained walls. They have to pick up the pieces of this emotional tragedy.


Shockingly in the early 2000s a lot of cleanup services wouldn’t clean up such messes and the families would actually have to do it on their own. Imagine that? That’s extremely dangerous. We take our job serious and want to ensure that all potentially harmful biohazard materials are cleaned and removed properly. The families are grieving and are emotional at this point and that’s why we make sure to make the process as smooth as possible and bring comfort and peace to the family.


On this particular evening we received a call from a woman explaining how her eldest son who was twenty-three had committed suicide. He was visiting back home from college and the mother knew her son was facing depression. She explained to us that he had just broke up with his girlfriend and found out that he was failing a few of his classes. Depression is a serious matter that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Even if something doesn’t affect you one way if can affect someone in a completely different way. Apparently there were signs that he was contemplating suicide which is why the mother felt distraught and upset as she could have prevented it.


We reassured her that we would do anything to help get her life back in order. We want to bring some peace to such a horrific tragedy. We made our way to the home and met with the mother of the son. She seemed closed off of course but we were here to do our job and get the pieces picked up so she could grieve and feel a sense of closure.


Apparently the twenty-three year old cut his wrists in the bathroom tub. The mother had found his body only hours later but was too late to save him. The bathroom tub was stained red from the vast amount of blood. We were fully protected in our gear and brought along with us our equipment and disinfecting cleaners to properly clean up blood. Cleaning all the blood was a task. There was blood dried onto the side of the tub and down the side to the tile floor. The faucet also had dried blood splatter. You can clearly tell how much this poor man bled. It was incredibly difficult to clean. We disinfected and disposed of all the biohazard material properly. The mother was pleased that she didn’t have to relive that nightmare over again. This is one reason we take pride in our job. Once we are able to relieve some of the stress death can cause to a family, we are satisfied.

Please call us if you have a scene you need cleaned, or if you know anyone who may need our services. We respect your privacy and we operate 24/7.



Ted Pelot Owner & President of Crime Scene Cleanup Company - Advanced Bio-Treatment