Are you an “accidental landlord“? There are more of them these days.They are the people who never intended to be landlords, but maybe they bought a new house and couldn’t sell the old one, so they’re renting it out.  Some are those who bought a vacation home, but find they must bring in short-term tenants to cover higher-than-expected costs.  Well listen up, virgin landlords: You need to revisit your homeowner’s insurance policy now. Your existing policy may not cut it anymore. Most cover owner-occupied homes, and yours no longer qualifies. If you’re only taking in renters a few weeks per year, your homeowner’s policy will typically provide coverage. But when rentals become more than occasional, your homeowner’s policy will need to be changed and you need to ENSURE you get the correct coverage.

At Advanced Bio Treatment we are only all too familiar with what can happen in a rental home.  Crime, murder, suicide, unattended death, odor and accidents needing cleanup are just some of the things that could happen in your rental property.  Each crime scene cleanup is different, meaning no two seemingly similar scenarios are the same.  The proper clean up and disinfection of the property can at times, become expensive.  If you as the landlord do not have your property properly insured, your insurance company could easily deny your clean up claim.  This means a potentially large out of pocket expense! www.advancedbio-treatment.com

Why not stick with your original homeowner’s policy? It’s risky because any crime or suicide scene claims you make may not be covered.  The homeowner’s insurance company doesn’t consider that the home’s being rented out when it issues your policy.  If it’s not aware of the rental, it may deny coverage if something does happen. It’s better to let your insurer know you’re renting to others, even if it’s for a couple of weeks a year.  And when you do, make sure to ask for Special Forms coverage that covers all but excluded risks.  That is the policy likely closest to your original homeowner’s policy.  Make sure you have sufficient liability coverage.  Many insurance agents encourage landlords to insure at $1 million on a rental.  Liability coverage protects landlords if they’re sued for damages, such as from an indoor fall, an animal bite or someone slipping on a wet sidewalk.

If you find that your rental property does become the center of a crime scene, suicide scene, trauma/accident, hoarding or accident scene needing cleanup call Advanced Bio Treatment at 1-800-706-1420.  In the aftermath of these trying events, let the professionals take care of matters such as these.  Even if you find yourself in a predicament where you are facing out of pocket expenses because you did not properly insure your rental property, call Advanced Bio Treatment.  If you try to disinfect and clean these types of trauma scenes yourself, or hire an unqualified or inexperienced company to cleanup your crime or trauma scene, you are not only putting yourself at serious risk, but any future contractor’s , tenants, or their guests a risk.  If anyone gets sick on your rental property, they may claim it was because of improper trauma scene cleanup. You as the property owner are likely liable and run the risk of a large financial loss.

Remember to check into your homeowner’s insurance and make any necessary changes to protect yourself, and your property.  And if something should ever happen that you or someone you know should require a professional clean up company for crime scene cleanup, suicide cleanup, trauma/accident cleanup, staph infection cleanup, hoarding, etc. call Advanced Bio-Treatment at 800-706-1420.  To find out more about ABT check us out on www.advancedbio-treatment.com .

About Advanced Bio Treatment:

Advanced Bio Treatment (ABT) employs trained scene cleanup professionals who not only understand the federal regulations regarding biohazard decontamination; but also the need for compassion and discretion. Advanced Bio Treatment’s trauma scene cleaning professionals handle site remediation quickly, quietly, and thoroughly. We are here to help trauma survivors to move past the incident and on to a healthy future. We can even assist you in filing your Homeowners Insurance claim.   Contact Advanced Bio Treatment (ABT) for 24/7 Emergency Service: 1-800-706-1420


Ted Pelot Owner & President of Crime Scene Cleanup Company - Advanced Bio-Treatment