Managers are trained to react and take care of certain situations that can easily arise while at work.

On this Particular day we received a call from a local restaurant manager in Atlanta, Georgia. It was a well known restaurant, always busy as a local favorite. Managers attempt to  foresee their employees’ actions and behaviors.

The manager called us and explained that it was a typical busy Friday evening on the job. They had just hired new servers and kitchen staff. Unfortunately, not all accidents or deaths are predictable or unavoidable.

Some incidents are beyond anyone’s control.

This case depicts this exact scenario, a new server found herself in a lethal situation. The manager was explaining to us that she was running through the kitchen without taking heed to her environment, she slipped and fell, hitting her head.

Of course the manager called 911 immediately, sadly the server passed away before the EMT or Police arrived on the scene. The manager was quick and efficiently made the optimal decisions. He possessed all the proper training and knowledge to overcome circumstances like these.

He called Advanced Bio Treatment as soon as all others had completed their tasks. He knew only a professional crime scene cleanup company would be able to properly and effectively clean up such a tragedy. He stated he knew someone who worked in the field which is why he was so quick to make the call to us.

Advanced Bio Treatment takes pride in our trade and knowing that others also understand and trust our abilities gives us that confidence. The manager was aware having a scene cleaned up through proper guidelines and requirements is imperative, especially when it’s on a property that  could potentially cause health related issues.

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Advanced Bio Treatment works around the clock 365 days of the year. We don’t take a break for accidents or deaths. We understand the hectic and unexpected circumstances that can happen on any given day. We are here to help pick up the pieces and bring peace back to to lives of the affected parties.

Ted Pelot Owner & President of Crime Scene Cleanup Company - Advanced Bio-Treatment