The man who brought millions to laughter and tears for decades is now a only a memory, to be cherished, leaving behind a role that no one will ever cast the likes again for a long, long time.

On Monday, the 11th of August 2014, the actor, comedian and humanitarian, Robin Williams was found dead in his California home from an apparent suicide, just around noontime Pacific Standard Time. The 63 year old beloved pop culture icon was pronounced dead at the scene, having used a belt wedged into a closet to hang himself.

Further evidence presented by the medical examiner’s office also indicated that Williams had used a pocket knife to open the blood vessels in his wrists. A toxicology analysis is expected within a few weeks.

When news of Williams death was made, the world stood still for a moment as millions of people reeled in disbelief. Someone so full of life and so talented, so young at heart and so nutty, couldn’t ever be a candidate for suicide, right?

Few can avoid the shock and denial that accompanies the news of a suicide, particularly someone so admired and loved, who seemed like they have the perfect life. But in my job, things are rarely as they seem on the surface.

Williams, hailed as a comic genius, was a star of movies and television for more than three decades who was also the recipient of many awards and accolades, including the acclaimed Academy Award he won for his dramatic performance in Kingpin.

Like so many who work in the brutal entertainment business, Williams also suffered from substance abuse problems, which he later openly discussed in an effort to help others who were going through the same thing.

He would remain clean and sober for over 20 years, producing during that time some of his most beloved works like Mrs. Doubtfire, Hook, Good Morning Vietnam and the eerily prophetic piece on depression, suicide and undying love, What Dreams May Come, in which his character played the husband of a woman who falls into a deep depression after the death of their son, and commits suicide.

In 2006, Williams admitted that he had experienced a relapse and had sought help at an undisclosed rehabilitation facility. Over the next few years, he would seek the guidance of experts from these centers for addiction and depression a handful of times. Clearly, something was going on. Even just this last summer, Robin Williams checked into rehab to treat his depression. Trouble was on the horizon.

Still, few had any idea that Williams was living in such torment, trapped in the prison of his own mind, or that he would choose to escape his perceived problems through the permanent solution of death by hanging. Suicide is never the solution.

At Advanced Bio Treatment, we see the aftermath left behind when someone makes that ultimate choice to end their life, and not only the physical damage that remains but also the emotional toll that is taken from loved ones left behind. No doubt that Williams’ wife, who discovered him deceased, as well as his children, will struggle with their own questions regarding the death of their husband or father.

Aside from remembering all the amazing works he gave us, or the many charity organizations he donated his time and support to, Williams would want the memory of his struggle to help others by underscoring the importance of recognizing mental illness and removing the stigma around the topic and its treatment.

The crime scene cleanup experts at Advanced Bio Treatment, see all too much of these tragic acts of self destruction and suicide accounts for the seventh leading cause of death in the United States. We woulRobin Williams Found Hangedd like to adamantly defend the importance of reaching out to someone you trust whenever you are feeling very depressed or sad. Any thoughts of hurting oneself are indeed quite serious, but nothing to be ashamed of, and you should immediately take action whether it is for you or a friend or family member. Please don’t wait until it’s too late.

Those who loved Robin Williams, inviting him into their lives, hearts and homes, by watching his career unfold lost an idol and an inspiration, but will cherish the memories of his life for the rest of theirs. His countless shows and movies, along with the impact of his generous, kind spirit has made on the lives of others, will allow him to live forever in immortality.

If you or someone you know has been thinking or talking about suicide or hurting themselves, call The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Hotline at 800.273.8255 immediately. Take it seriously, before they are seriously taken. Depression can kill.

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