Sometimes Advanced Bio Treatment gets called to remediate and restore businesses such as office buildings or hotels.

Whether a suicide, murder or accident, there is the matter of cleanup, even if it’s not a home. Business must go on as usual, with as minimal impact on the operations as possible. ABT is the first call to make after 911. Not only will we restore your property to the condition it was in prior to the incident, but we also minimize the health risks associated with bodily fluids such as blood, urine, feces, semen and dangerous chemicals or drug paraphernalia.

No family member, business owner or employee should be responsible for, or attempt, to cleanup after an accident or death. We are called out to businesses of all sorts with much frequency, but none perhaps more so than hotels, especially concerning overdoses or suicides… which, if you think about it, drug addiction can be a suicide of sorts.

I’ve always wondered if those who choose to go that route in these impersonal places are running from something or if they have no where left to go to… or if they are simply trying to do their loved ones a favor by committing their pitiful act in a location other than home, so that they need not see or deal with the aftermath.

One hotel chain recently contacted our offices outside of San Francisco.

Apparently, there had been some sort of incident involving a middle aged woman had played Russian roulette with her life one too many times, and her dangerous lifestyle finally caught up with her.

Standing in the doorway of the hotel room, I could see tissues and towels had been discarded haphazardly setting the room, obviously a result of a panicked attempt to stem the flow of blood from some sort of traumatic injury.

Later, we would learn from a police detective who showed up to the scene to take a few photos for the police’s official files, that the woman had been a mother of three at one point in time, happily married, or so it seemed, to her college sweetheart.

Sometime after her the birth of her third child, things started going downhill. After the death of her mother unexpectedly from an accident, she began using crack cocaine on a daily basis until it became apparent to everyone that she was not well.

After three unsuccessful attempts to rehabilitate her, the father of her children was left with an agonizing decision… and in the end, he decided that his children could no longer be subjected to the emotional rollercoaster of addiction.

He filed for divorce, but before it was finalized, she disappeared… presumably on a drunk fueled binge. Turns out, our victim was using and she was buying it using money earned from turning tricks.

Hold up in a motel room, our of her mind on drugs, she spiralled down into suicidal depression.

Taking a piece of a broken metal crack pipe, she went into the bathroom and opened up her wrists. From the looks of the space, covered with blood projected forcefully by a beating heart, she must’ve had second thoughts because there was evidence that she, or someone, had attempted to stop the bleeding and the phone was covered in blood. Unfortunately, she wouldn’t live to see her children again.

As for the scene, it was a fairly routine cleanup and in a matter of hours there was “..no sign that anything horrible had ever taken place”.

Since it was not known initially whether or not the victim has any communicable diseases, it was very important that professionals like ABT, who use the proper gear and latest technology, decontaminate the scene to remove any pathogens.

We are trained professionals who have the equipment and knowledge to handle any incident involving biohazardous material. Blood, urine, feces and other bodily fluids contain pathogens which can be dangerous. Combine that with string chemical cleaning agents and these scenes can pose a significant health risk suited for experts like ABT who are certified by the EPA and OSHA.

We will handle everything from removing furniture to working with your insurance company. No family member or loved one should have to face cleaning up after an accident or tragedy… It can be daunting not to mention disturbing to the untrained mind. We will do our best to make it just a distant memory.

The sad part in all of this… the divorce was never filed. Her husband had instead decided to send her to the most prestigious addictions facility in the country. The team victims, however, are those young children who are but innocents in this whole thing.

If you need scene cleanup and decontamination guidance, have questions about your payment options, which clean up and decon procedures your current insurance policy covers or require our scene cleanup services immediately, don’t hesitate to give Advanced Bio Treatment a call at:800-295-1684

Ted Pelot Owner & President of Crime Scene Cleanup Company - Advanced Bio-Treatment