Did you know even the smallest trace of blood or biological materials can be life threatening and can potentially contain blood borne diseases?

It’s true because you don’t exactly know if the deceased carried HIV or Hepatitis C. At Advanced Bio Treatment we treat any and all crime scene clean ups the same,  we come in prepared and aware.  Even the smallest trace of blood borne pathogen can be deadly or cause a severe illness if not professionally and properly cleaned up.

Advanced Bio Treatment meticulously cleans up all traces of blood with special disinfecting cleaners.

We take this very serious and we dispose of all biohazard materials in its proper fashion. We take pride in returning your home to the way it was before the crime occurred.

On this particular evening we received a call that a man in San Francisco, CA had shot himself in his bedroom.

We were completely informed of the scene itself before we arrived to ensure we came in properly equipped and ready to clean.  Once the police and the coroner complete their jobs we come in and take care of the part no one exactly favors.  We love our job and enjoy giving back in this way.

Brain matter left over from a shotgun suicideThe scene was pretty brutal and disgusting. The man had used a shotgun and blew his brains out.  The wall was splattered with blood and brain matter. The bed had a lot of blood stains also.  Apparently this man was suffering from severe depression and decided to end his life.  His wife was completely distraught but we respect and understand all emotions involved in such a tragic lose.

We cleaned up the entire room and disposed all of the biohazard deemed materials.  We completely disinfected the room and made sure that every single trace of blood and brain matter was none existent.

Advanced Bio Treatment will work with your insurance company and help alleviate any stressful situations.  We want to help you get back to a normal life as quickly as possible.  If we can help bring back your sanity then we are happy.  

We work 24/7 for your convenience.

Ted Pelot Owner & President of Crime Scene Cleanup Company - Advanced Bio-Treatment