Imagine leaving for work in the morning and saying goodbye to your pregnant wife. You drive away from your home believing that today will be a typical day and will follow the usual pattern.

You will work for eight hours, then return home, to a house that smells like something delicious and to a beautiful woman who adores you. You will rub her feet as together you watch your favorite show, and then you will climb in bed to rinse and repeat it all again the next day.

You have no idea that as your lips brush hers, it will be the last time that you feel the warmth of life in them. There’s so much you would say to her if you knew that in a few, short hours she and your unborn child would be taken from you by the demented actions of a madman… but no one ever expects such evil really exists and so you say what you say every morning, “See you later, dollface.”

Normally I work the cases, but my next case worked me.

I’ve never been good with any case involving the death or injury of women or children. Its just so repugnant and heartbreaking anytime perfectly innocent little ones or dames fall victim to a terrible event.

One of the worst calls I ever took came into our Tampa/Orlando office earlier this year. The man on the other end of the phone sounded so weak I could barely make out what he was saying. He introduced himself as the husband of a woman who had recently been the victim of a crime in their Jupiter, Florida home.

What he described still gives me goosebumps to this day…

After he had left for work one morning, saying goodbye to his wife the way he did everyday, his wife had received a knock on the bright, red front door to the couples charming, coastal home. What happened next was all caught on a Closed Circuit security system that had been installed in the property a few years earlier after a break in…

A man dressed as a police officer, with a black hat and dark sunglasses, appears in the doorway as the young wife opens the portal. After a brief introduction, he motions to come inside and after a moment’s hesitation, she moves to the side to let him past. Once they enter the hallway leading to the family room, the woman leading the way, he suddenly grabs her from behind, covering her mouth to cut off her scream, before pulling her into a side room used for laundry.

The tape does not show what happened on the other side of the door, but investigators would later determine that she had been brutally raped and beaten then finally shot in the head as she sat stunned against a corner.

The tape does show the man exit the room and wipe his hands off on a curtain, before he rummages around the home for a minute until a dog barking in the background spooks him causing him to vacate the premises.

It was 5 hours later when the tape goes on to reveal the husband coming home and walking around the house looking for his wife before noticing a pool of blood coming from under the laundry room door. Even on a grainy, black and white recording one can see the unbelievable sorrow and despair that came over him at that moment. He would later tell me that he would never be whole again until the man responsible paid for his crimes.

At the home, the scene was unspeakably horrific, not in terms of gore, but just knowing that a young mother and her unborn child had been killed in that place. The blood that had given away the crime, peeking out from under a door, had mostly dried to a deep, crimson red, almost black, stain .

The amount of blood was significant, and it had actually had enough time between when she had been killed to the time she had been found, to soak into the flooring and subflooring as well as the insulation and drywall. This is when my background in construction really helps because we had to completely replace all of the previously mentioned materials to ensure the proper decontamination and fluid removal of the scene.

It was so vital to us to thoroughly erase the terrible evidence of the unspeakable act. We wanted to give the grieving widower as much of a boost and a fresh start as we possibly could. All in all, after triple checking our work and totally replacing a portion of his home, it took us about three days to complete this assignment. In the end, I understand he chose not to remain in the home and I can’t say that I blame him.

On a final note, the man responsible for the murder of this young mother was eventually given his just desserts. While attempting to rape and brutalize another young lady, a male roommate with a very big pitbull had arrived home just in time. Unfortunately, while waiting for the real police to arrive, the man tried to run away and was chased down by the canine. As he fell to the ground, his gun’s hair trigger went off, and he took a dose of his own medicine… a bullet to the head.

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Ted Pelot Owner & President of Crime Scene Cleanup Company - Advanced Bio-Treatment