Blood Cleanup: Every job is different so that’s one thing at least we continually have a new story to tell.

It’s sad but true there is a lot of crime and bad situations going on that folks have to deal with that never even make the news.

Take this situation in South Carolina, this was the result of a man who was tree trimming.  He lost control of the chainsaw and cut off part of his foot.   You can see they tried to stop the bleeding but it was profuse.

I heard the family had tried to put the toes on ice and save them.  They say if you are able to do this fast enough that surgeons might be able to reattach them.

It’s amazing what they can do these days.  Anyway, it brings home the importance of using caution and safety when operating dangerous machinery.  Even lawn mowers can be extremely dangerous.

OSHA publicizes safety tips for handling chainsaws among other machinery.

  • It is advised that before you use one that you wear protective shoes and equipment and protect your hands, feet, arms, and eyes.
  • Don’t wear loose fitting clothing as the clothes can be caught in the saw.
  • Make sure you have sure footing when operating the saw, if you were to lose your balance it could result in dropping the saw or mishandling.
  • Make sure the chain is kept sharp.  Check it before turning on to make sure there are no rocks or debris trapped in it that could dislodge and cause injury.
  • Be aware of saw kickback, this very well could have happened here.  Especially if the swa is powered by gas.  They advise not using the tip of the saw or use a tip guard.
  • Do not refuel a hot saw. Do not smoke when you are fueling or refueling.
  • Make sure the saw is clean.  Use the safety brakes.  Make sure to be careful with the fuel and oil.

By following safety procedures many accidents can be avoided.

Be sure to use caution when operating any machinery as it could result in the loss of one of your limbs!

A chain saw is one of the most dangerous tools available for purchase at the store. You don’t have to have a license or any safety training to use one, but you can see that knowing how to use one makes sense and can save on trips to the emergency room!

This shouldn’t have to be said because it is common sense but shut the chain off before carrying it to put away.  Have to realize that people do a lot of crazy things when they get on a mission to clean up their yard.

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Ted Pelot Owner & President of Crime Scene Cleanup Company - Advanced Bio-Treatment