You Think You Took The Easy Way Out?

What I have said before and hope never have to say again:

What about all of us you left behind? We are forever stuck with a tragic, negative memory of how you left us. It’s hard to remeber the good times when all I can think about is what you did. Every year when it rolls around, it is not a good day to remember, but a sad one. Is that what you wanted for me?”

I think you are selfish for taking your own life. You have free will, the life is your to take, I guess. But what a low blow, cheap shot. What about the plans we had? What about your family? Offing yourself is not exactly the role model type of move. What about our laughs? What am I suppose to do now; I am all alone. Should I just off myself, too then? Is that how it’s done? My anger will forever remain, but so will my hurt and sorrow of your loss. ”

They Don’t Think About What They Leave Behind

Someone who reaches the point of pulling the trigger, or jumping to their death desires peace. The only way they know how to achieve that moment is to die. I think in the back of their head they do not perceive it as reality but a split second of silence. Afterwards, it’s too late, no turning back and they’re gone.

They aren’t thinking clearly and haven’t thought clear in quite some time, I’m sure. Advanced Bio-Treatment has a staff professionally trained for these situations. We know exactly what to do at every moment. We are empathetic individuals; we have our own reality and we understand what you are going through.

ABT has the proper tools to handle a suicide. If you need to be saved the hardship, we will work with you in every way possible to achieve that goal. Call 800-295-1684 today for assistance in a suicide cleanup.

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Ted Pelot Owner & President of Crime Scene Cleanup Company - Advanced Bio-Treatment