Could It Be A Bathroom Bandit?

This is not the first time ABT has come across a scene like this during cleanup and we have our suspicions that these may be the killings from the same individual.

The first trigger that we found odd were the black boots in the tub. This is the third crime scene we have cleaned in the bathroom, in the tub with a pair of black boots inside. Seem odd? We sure think so!

We have started calling him the Bathroom Bandit and he seems to like the South; Georgia and Alabama women. The second trigger after we discovered the repetitive boots is that all the women were in their mid-30s and black as night hair. Again, cold be a crazy coincidence, but in the crime scene cleanup world, there are not many of those at all.

What Will ABT Do?

We will continue to clean and keep an eye out for more similar situations, in which we really hope doesn’t exist! We really do hope these bathroom scenes are a coincidence in all truth! But, if they are not ABT will report the suspicions to the authorities, of course.

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