Crime scene cleanup is best left to the professionals.

It doesn’t matter if it happened in a residential, commercial or industrial area; there’s too much at stake to risk the crime scene clean up being done incorrectly.

Advanced Bio Treatment has a trained and certified staff to make sure that whatever dangers that are present after a tragedy are taken care of all the way down to the molecular level.

You never know what may lurk in the aftermath of a crime. A lot of the calls we get involve violence and therefore blood and the numerous pathogens that may be contained in that blood can pose serious health risks.

For instance, we received a call to our D.C. office from a landlord about the murder of one of his tenants. Something had happened, his home was broken into and he was shot to death in his kitchen.

We loaded up and made the journey to a suburban working class neighborhood. We passed some smaller homes with older model cars in their driveways and found the way to our job. It wasn’t easy to miss, it still had the yellow police tape decorating the outside of the home.

We met the homeowner outside the door and geared up after introductions. He lead us into the house where the carnage was immediately apparent. A puddle of dried blood between the kitchen and dining room, bloody handprints on the floor, walls and appliances. This was brutal.

Nobody saw this coming. The neighbors told police he was a regular guy with a 9 to 5 job and was always nice; that he never caused problems. Nobody knew that he developed quite a drug habit. He had gotten so far as to resort to shooting up. His addiction caused him to contract Hepatitis and it also caused him to owe the wrong person a lot of money.

I guess eventually that person got tired of waiting of waiting for him to pay so they came over with a gun and kicked in his back door. They caught him by by surprise in a drug induced haze but he tried to fight back, judging by the overturned chairs and knocked over TV stand. He wasn’t enough though. During the struggle, the debtor’s gun went off and hit the victim in the stomach and chest, leaving him slumped over on the ground.

He tried to dial 911 but died from his injuries before he could place the call. He only was able to dial 9-1. That’s a terrible way to go out.

So not only did we have a homicide clean up on our hands but we knew that we had to eradicate any communicable diseases as well as dispose of any paraphernalia. Once we had all the information about the job, the work was pretty routine. Some cleaning, some sanitizing, finishing on a molecular level to ensure everyone’s safety. When we finished you never would’ve known something so horrible had occurred there.

Even though stuff like this is every day for us, we understand how difficult it may be on you. Things like this can be tragic, disturbing, stressful and overwhelming but you don’t have to face it alone. If you ever need our services, please call 800-295-1684. If you have questions concerning what your insurance may cover, payment options or guidance on how to proceed, we are here for you.


Ted Pelot Owner & President of Crime Scene Cleanup Company - Advanced Bio-Treatment