Professional Suicide Cleanup

After the call to 911, and after the police or coroner have left, Advanced Biotreatment is there to help put things back in order… even when things will never be the same again.

At ABT we have a very important job, even though it’s one most people could never do. When tragedy strikes, such as a murder, accident or suicide, often it is left to the family members or loved ones to see that the scene is restored. But they’re in good hands… We are not only highly trained to completely decontamination and remediate your property, but we guarantee to make the process as painless as possible and give you something priceless… peace of mind during a tough time.

Since I got into this business, I’ve seen it all… from murders to drug overdose, some days can be more difficult than others. Personally for me, anytime a person takes their own life it’s always a hard situation to handle mostly because of the confused, grief stricken family left to make sense of the senseless. One case we took on involved a suicide that still nags at me to this day.

It was around Christmas time, just when families are supposed to be drawing near to each other to celebrate and be thankful. But things would not be merry for one family that year. We got the call from a family lawyer who was acting as the go between for a woman and her two children who had need of our services. On the drive out to the home, which was located in a wealthy suburb of Baltimore, we passed through neighborhoods decorated for the holiday seasons… One enormous home was covered entirely in flashing lights. I remember thinking that none of the homeowners had any idea what was going on just a few blocks away.

As we pulled into the driveway we were met as usual by the caller, this time the attorney for the family. As we geared up we were told we were dealing with a suicide… specifically the husband and father of the household. Once inside, we were led down a long hallway to what appeared to be an office with all the things one might expect to find inside. But there at the desk, John Doe had apparently made his fatal choice. Blood and brain matter was every where, as often happens in suicides where a firearm is used, it covered the floor and had splattered on the ceiling.

These Suicide Situations are Why You Call ABT

No family member should have to go through the trauma of losing a loved one, and then be subjected to the trauma of trying to clean the area on their own. Blood, urine, feces and other bodily fluids can contain dangerous pathogens which pose significant risk to your health. Not only do we have the proper equipment and training, but we are also EPA and OSHA certified. We will work with your attorney and insurance to ensure the proper procedures are taken to restore not only your property, but your life.

It took some work, but at the end of the day we managed to remove any trace of death from the home. I know we can’t erase the pain of losing their loved one, but I take comfort knowing that we have provided them with a fresh beginning.

As we were packing up, my curiously got the better of me and as I handed the keys back to the attorney, I had to ask, ‘why had he done it?’ With a deep sigh and a shake of his head he explained that the man had recently lost his job, and faced with mounting debt he couldn’t pay and unwilling to see the disappointment in his family’s face when he told them there could be no Christmas that year (as well as not being able to stomach the humiliation from his upper crust neighbors and friends), so he had done the unthinkable… he had put his father’s antique revolver between his lips and pulled the trigger. Both of us shared a moment of silence, before I nodded and offered my condolences to the family before taking my leave. It still makes me shake my head. It’s a story we hear so much of lately. Which makes the job I do very important and I do it for their family and my own.

If you need scene clean-up and decontamination guidance, have questions about your payment options, which clean up and decon procedures your current insurance policy covers or require our scene cleanup services immediately, don’t hesitate to give Advanced Bio Treatment a call at:800-295-1684

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Ted Pelot Owner & President of Crime Scene Cleanup Company - Advanced Bio-Treatment